We have a winner!

One of our players won over £750k from a £0.50 spin!

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“I asked the operator if it was real, she said ‘Oh my God, you’re balance is over £764k! Yes, this is real!’ From there it was hysterics.”

D.N. from UK - Beauty’s Beast Jackpot Winner, June 2017

Just when you thought it was a normal Tuesday. One lucky Paddy Power Bingo customer has gone and thrown a spanner into the week, he’s after winning over £760k on our exclusive Beauty’s Beast from a 50p stake!

We had a chat with the lucky winner, D.N., and got all the details. To read DN’s full interview, head over to our BLOG. You’ll hear how he won £760k and didn’t bat an eye because he thought the JACKPOT message was a pesky ad…… some people.

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PP: So you’re playing away on Beauty’s Beast GAME. You’re playing 50p stakes, then it lights up, the screen flashes…..’You’ve Won the Jackpot’…..£764k….what’s going through your mind?
At first I didn’t feel anything. Honest to God. I was playing and this thing just flashed across my screen saying ‘Jackpot’. I didn’t take any notice of it, I actually thought it was an ad or something so I quickly clicked out of it.

Then I actually carried on playing for a few more spins. It wasn’t until I exited out of the game and came back to the lobby I even noticed anything. I saw my balanced realised that flashing jackpot wasn’t an ad! I couldn’t believe it!

PP: When it dawned on you, how did it feel?
It was absolute shock. I had to call the help desk and confirm that I had really won.

I asked the Paddy’s if it was real, she said ‘Oh my God, you’re balance is over £764k! Yes, this is real!’ From there it was hysterics.

I texted my missus right away. I told her she needed to be sitting down. Then I sent her a whatsapp picture of the jackpot win. It was hysterics again! We are both still in shock

PP: What are the plans for the cash or have you had time to think about that?
Yeah we are going to buy a house, my missus has already found the one she wants. Besides that we might get a new car, but nothing else is going to change.

I always said that if I were to win a load of money, I still wouldn’t change the way I worked. I’ve always worked hard and that’s not going to change. Sure, I’m in work right now and I have a long shift tomorrow that I will be in for.

PP: Would you consider yourself to be a lucky person in general?
Well honestly no, I’ve never thought of myself as a lucky person. Of course I’m lucky that I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful child. But actually this couldn’t come at a better time.

My dad is actually sick in hospital.  He spend so many years going up and down the country watching me play football, now I have the chance to pay him back in a way. I feel like this I’ve his a stroke of luck in a way, maybe it’s a good sign for things to come.

PP: You often hear about other players winning massive amounts, but you just never think one day it will be you do you?
No! I do horse racing for the most part and I’m lucky if I win 20p.

I tired slots awhile back and won £180, I thought that was great but I didn’t play much afterward… until now!

PP: What is it about the XXX game that attracted you to it?
It was completely random. I had tried to play another game first but it wasn’t loading correctly. So I just randomly scrolled down and picked beauties best – I didn’t even know it had a jackpot!

PP: To finish, how would you describe the win in a few words?
It’s a massive dream come true. At this moment in time it hasn’t even kicked in. I feel speechless.