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Not All Bingo Games Are the Same

When people think of bingo, they often picture a group of people gathered in a bingo hall with a slew of bingo cards spread out on the tables in front of them, listening to a caller announce “B3! I5! G2!” as the players dab their cards with round markers. Once a player makes a row of 5 bingo marks, he or she shouts “Bingo!” and wins. While this image is often somewhat accurate, there are actually many different types of bingo games that are played.

Different Variations of the 5-in-a-Row Rule

The most traditional way that bingo is played is in a bingo hall, like the one described above. The goal, however, isn’t always to get a row of 5 bingo squares. There are many different variations to the traditional 5-in-a-row rule. Yes, players can win by creating a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Depending on the game, however, they can also win by creating a cross, a winner’s circle pattern or even by marking all four corners of their bingo card.

Pattern Bingo

Then we have what is referred to as pattern bingo, which is an even more exciting twist on the game of bingo. In pattern bingo, the caller announces a unique pattern that the players must replicate the pattern in order to win. Most of the patterns that are called are new to the players. Some of the common patterns that are used are called explosion, “A” and hangman.

Bingo from the Comfort of Your Home

The most popular new way to play bingo is online. Online bingo allows players to log in and play a game of bingo whenever they want to! They can play against other players from across the globe and have the chance to make some new friends and win big cash prizes.

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