Beachside Bonanza

Get bikini ready with this sizzling scratch. Reveal 3 sparkling diamonds to enter the progressive jackpot.

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How to Play 

Playing is simple, select your stake and click on Buy to purchase a Scratch Card. Your stake will be deducted from your account balance. 

Scratch each Beachball on the panel to reveal the Symbol underneath. 

The card can either be scratched manually using your mouse or the Symbols may be revealed together by clicking on Reveal. Match any 3 Symbols to win. 

Any winnings will be highlighted in the mini game and automatically added to your account balance. 

You can also select a different number of games to play automatically. Simply use the + and – buttons to select the number of games you wish to play consecutively. You can stop the autoplay function by clicking "stop". You can play up to 500 games in a row. 

Stake Amounts and Payouts 

The potential payouts for 3 matched Symbols are displayed below: 

SymbolPayoutsStake €0.20Stake €0.50Stake €1.00Stake €1.50Stake €2.00
Bucket and Spade
Sun Lounger
Palm Tree
Percentage of Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot 

This jackpot is initially funded at £5,000 and each day at around midnight it increases based on stakes for the previous day. Stakes from other networked scratchcards will contribute to the same pot which has the same chance of being won on all networked scratchcards. We reserve the right to add other games to the networked progressive jackpot pot. The new games can be added at any time and will be automatically eligible for the existing network progressive jackpot pot value. 

To qualify for the full progressive jackpot amount, you must stake max bet (£2) to be eligible to win. If you place a stake amount below £2, you qualify for a percentage of the full progressive jackpot amount. 

If you match three Diamond symbols, you win a percentage of the progressive jackpot amount as follows: 

Amount staked
Pays percentage of progressive jackpot amount

The current value of the progressive jackpot is displayed in the game. If you are lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot or a proportion thereof (and we have confirmed the win), you will be contacted to confirm the win and arrange crediting of winnings to your account. 

The jackpot will be reduced by the amount you have won. The jackpot will be reset to £5,000 when the full progressive jackpot is won or set to £5,000 if a percentage of the jackpot is won that takes the value of the jackpot below the re-seed value. 

We reserve the right to change the contributions to the progressive jackpot at any time and withhold any payout until all necessary checks have been performed. 

Return to Player (RTP)
The RTP for Beachside Bonanza is 90%.

Help Centre

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