97.30% RTP

Play Premium Roulette – Roulette Game Review

Take your place at this roulette table to enjoy one of the very best ways of having fun in a casino. The classy Premium Roulette title from Cayetano Gaming gives you all of the excitement and thrills of this ever-popular game in a slick, attractive setting!

Premium Roulette Symbols

As you would expect, the roulette table sits slap-bang in the centre of your screen.

The usual range of numbers is shown on the wheel, with one to 36 all covered.

In this roulette variant, there is just one zero on the wheel.

The numbers are clearly shown and the smooth animation when the wheel spins helps to build up the tension.

Underneath the wheel are the different types of bet and stake sizes that are available.  

Features and How to Play Premium Roulette

You can start playing roulette in a question of seconds. The first step is to choose the size of stake that you want to place. Once you have picked your chip, you drag it to the type of bet that you want to make. You will find classic options such as red, black, odd, even and so on. The game’s biggest prize comes when you correctly predict the exact number, as this has a 35 to 1 payout on it. Receive double your stake if you choose red or black and get it right.

Once your bet is in place, you can start the wheel spinning with a single click, and then just wait to see where the ball lands. If you change your mind or make a mistake then the undo button allows you to move back a step before finalising your wager.       

Premium Roulette RTP

Can you choose wisely and stroll away from the roulette table with some fantastic wins? The RTP on Premium Roulette is shown as 97.30%. 

Give this wheel a spin and see whether today is your lucky day!

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