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Play 75-Ball Bingo Games for Real Money

In the world of online bingo, there are two main variants: 90-ball and 75-ball. In the UK, the former is classed as the “traditional” format, while the latter is a more recent addition to the gaming scene. In fact, 75-ball bingo only really found its way across from the US to Europe thanks to the internet. However, now it’s made the journey, 75-ball is seen as one of the bingo industry’s “big two”.

Inside Paddy Power Bingo, you’ll find a daily dose of games with varied themes, buy-ins and prize pools. Whether it’s a low-stakes Diamond Room session or a Deal or No Deal 75-ball Bingo, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this high-octane variant. What’s more, when you compare bingo live 75 to its online counterpart, you’ll see that the latter has a lot more to offer in terms of extras. From bonuses to social gaming options, online 75-ball bingo here at Paddy Power is a complete entertainment experience.

The layout of a 75-ball bingo card is slightly different. Instead of a standard numbered grid, the card is divided into sections, each marked by one of the following letters: B-I-N-G-O.

Numbers in 75-Ball Bingo

Unsurprisingly, numbers run from one to 75 in every game of 75-ball bingo.

Number of Rows in 75-Ball Bingo Games

As we’ve said, whether it’s online or bingo live 75-ball, the game card is divided into grids. Specifically, these grids have a 5X5 structure that features five rows and five columns.

75-Ball Bingo Game Columns

Within the 5X5 structure of a 75-ball bingo card, each column features a letter. These letters are designed to speed up the marking process. For example, if you’re playing bingo live 75 and you hear the call say “legs 11, number 11”, you’ll know to look down the B column. Why? Because each column has a specific range of bingo numbers.

Taking bingo numbers one to 75, this variant divides them up in the following way:

  • Numbers under the letter B range from one to 15.
  • Numbers under the letter I range from 16 to 30.
  • Numbers under the letter N range from 31 to 45.
  • Numbers under the letter G range from 46 to 60.
  • Numbers under the letter O range from 61 to 75.

By segmenting the numbers into columns, it makes it easier to keep track of the action. Of course, if you’re playing online bingo, our software takes care of the marking process. However, even if you’re not crossing off the numbers manually, it’s nice to see how things are flowing. In this respect, 75-ball online bingo is one of the best variants for novices to try.

75-Ball Bingo Games Strips

When you look at a bingo 75-ball card, the final thing to take note of is the free square. Located in the centre of the card, this square is filled with a star instead of a number. This feature means game strips contain 24 numbers and not 25 as you might expect. However, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you have less chance of winning. Everyone in the game has 24 numbers to work with, so your odds on a single game card are just as good as theirs.

75-Ball Bingo Rules

Knowing how to play bingo online requires an appreciation of the rules. As with all online bingo variants, the road to victory is paved with balls and numbers. However, the way you get there is slightly different than other formats.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo

To play 75-ball online bingo at Paddy Power, all you need to do is buy a game card. Assuming you can do that, everything else is handled by our software. Of course, if you really want to get the most out of your experience, knowing how to play 75-ball bingo helps.

The main points you need to know are:

  • Each game starts when at least two game cards are in play.
  • Players can buy more than one 75-ball bingo card.
  • Once the game starts, bingo numbers one to 75 are selected by the random number generator.
  • As the numbers are called, you/the software has to cross off any matches on your game card.
  • The first player to make a specific pattern wins the money.

75-Ball Bingo Game Card Layout

Every 75-ball bingo card is marked with the letters B-I-N-G-O. This is how you know you’re playing bingo’s 75 number variant. From there, each row and column features five numbers, expect the central one which contains a star.

Patterns in 75-Ball Bingo

The defining feature of online 75-ball bingo is that you have to make a set pattern. In the early days, bingo live 75 was a single line affair. In other words, players had to complete a single line in order to scoop the prize pool. This line could either run down, across or diagonally.

As online bingo has evolved, more patterns have emerged. Today, the number of 75-ball bingo patterns is vast and will change from game-to-game. However, the main categories all patterns fall into are:

  • Single Line – A complete line across, down or diagonally.
  • Double Line – Two lines running across, down or diagonally.
  • X Pattern – An X shape on the game card.
  • Blackout – All the numbers on the game card are marked off.
  • Custom Patterns – These patterns can include any predefined layout of five or more numbers e.g. two numbers at the top, two at the bottom and one in the centre.

Full House in 75-Ball Bingo

When you play 90-ball bingo, the ultimate aim is to hit a full house, i.e. cross off every number on your game card. When you play 75-ball online, it’s not always necessary to hit every number. However, there are certain games that require you to make a full house or, as it’s called in this variant, a blackout.  

75-Ball Bingo Strategy

In reality, 75-ball bingo is a game of luck. When you play our leading variants, the bingo number generator is totally random. Basically, complex algorithms ensure every session is 100% fair. Because of that, there’s nothing you can do to sway things in your favour. However, there are bingo strategies you can use to improve your overall experience. But, and this is important to note, no 75-ball bingo strategy will guarantee you a win.

75-Ball Bingo Game Tips

The best 75-ball bingo game tip is to have fun. If you’re not enjoying it, you probably shouldn’t play. However, if you’re looking to get an edge, the following strategies could help:

  • Buy as many game cards as you can afford. If you have more cards than the average, it follows that you have a better than average chance of winning.
  • Learn to manage your money. Buy only spending a small percentage of your bankroll on game cards, you limit the risk of going broke and, therefore, increase your ability to play for longer.
  • Find the games that suit you. Here at Paddy Power Bingo, we’ve got games to suit all pockets. If you’re a newbie, there are free 75-ball bingo games. For those with money to spend, game cards are available at various price points.

75-ball Online Bingo Jackpots

Every 75-ball bingo room has its own prize pool. This could be small or large depending on the buy-in and number of players involved. However, alongside the standard payouts, you’ll also find games with progressive jackpots. These prize pools grow each time a new game takes place and someone doesn’t win. To win a 75-ball bingo jackpot, you’ll need to complete the required pattern in a set number of calls or less. If you can do, that you could be in line for a payout worth thousands.

What is a Bingo RNG (Random Number Generator)?

To ensure our online bingo games are 100% fair, certified random number generators (RNGs) control the action. By using a bingo number generator, 75-ball games at Paddy Power always produce random results.

75-Ball Bingo Real Money Play

Although we’ve got plenty of ways for you to play 75-ball bingo for free, the main way to win is to buy game cards. Regardless of the amount you’ve got to spend, our rooms are designed to suit all budgets and all experience levels.

Prizes in 75-Ball Bingo Games

In general, all real money online bingo games contain at least one prize. This is typically fixed and the player who makes the right combination will win the pot. This dynamic is unlike 90-ball bingo where the prizepool is shared between those who fill a line, two lines and a full house.

In addition to fixed payouts, some 75-ball games online have progressive jackpots. These are pots of money that grow in size each time someone doesn’t win in a set number of calls. If you win one of these bingo jackpots, you can expect a payout worth three-figures or more.

Payouts in 75-Ball Bingo Games

Online 75-ball bingo game payouts are dependent on the following factors:

  • Buy-in: The amount you have to pay to play determine how large the eventual payout are.
  • Game Cards: The more game cards in play, the more money there is in the prizepool.
  • Jackpot vs. Non-Jackpot: If you’re playing a progressive jackpot bingo game, there will be two ways to win. You can either win the fixed payout or you’ll complete your card within a certain number of calls and win a special prize.

Winning at 75-Ball Bingo Games

Fun might be the name of the game when you play our 75-ball online bingo games. However, winning will also be top of your to-do list. Winning at 75-ball bingo is a simple case of hitting the right numbers. This could be hitting five numbers in a single line or crossing off all 24 numbers in a blackout game. Whichever pattern you have to complete, the main aim is always the same: mark the necessary numbers before anyone else does.

What are Wagering Requirements in 75-Ball Bingo?

Anytime you collect a 75-ball bingo bonus, there will be some wagering requirements you have to meet. In simple terms, these are targets you have to hit before you can withdraw a bonus and/or any bonus wins.

For example, if your bingo bonus has a 2X wagering requirement, you’ll have to bet twice whatever it’s worth using your own money. As long as you meet these wagering requirements, you’ll be able to collect bingo bonuses and, potentially, turn nothing into something.

Play 75-Ball Bingo for Real Money with Paddy Power!

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Before you can play 75-ball bingo online, it’s important to understand the basics. Indeed, with so many options and offers inside our gaming suite, you need to know your two little ducks from your 75-ball pattern bingo. So, with that in mind, here’s a breakdown of a game that players affectionately call “bingo 75”.


Like all versions of bingo online, bingo 75 combines game cards and numbered balls. Each player that buys a ticket is aiming to cross off as many numbers as possible before their peers. Those who managed to make a line/s or a full house will collect a prize based on their buy and a predetermined prize pool.