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Online Bingo Games - Play Bingo for Real Money

Eyes down and look in at Paddy Power Bingo, one of the most comprehensive online bingo sites for dabbers across the UK and Ireland.

Come and join thousands of fellow players in our collection of games rooms, where you can enjoy your favourite 75, 80 and 90-ball games, alongside some popular titles from the likes of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and more.

There truly is something for everyone at Paddy Power Bingo, with games starting at just a penny per ticket and rising majestically up to life-changing jackpot prizes.

You’ll find daily specials, monthly cash giveaways and exclusive offers in abundance, as well as a suite of promotions and bonuses aimed at both new and existing players.

If you are completely new to bingo online, relax! We’ve got your back with a selection of tutorials and help guides that will have you dabbing like a pro in no time at all. Even if you know your ‘legs eleven’ from your ‘gateway to heaven’, maybe you might even learn a trick or two as well…

Whether you are looking for a new online bingo game to master, or are a veteran of the high street bingo halls and want to make the leap onto the web, Paddy Power Bingo should be your first port of call.

What is Online Bingo?

All of the things you love about bingo in the halls – the edge-of-the-seat excitement, the variety of games, the prizes – are present in online bingo, and the only thing missing is the slightly-cheesy caller who yells out the numbers.

The rules are the same and so too is the process: dab off your numbers using the on-screen buttons, and when you have a line, house or whatever combination is required, you will win the prize!

Advantages of Playing Online Bingo Games vs. Traditional Bingo

Have you ever imagined playing bingo whenever and wherever you want? That’s the key advantage to bingo online as you can fire up Paddy Power Bingo on your laptop, tablet or smartphone as and when you please.

Bingo at the bus stop? No problem.

Bingo on the sofa? Easy.

Bingo on the toilet? A doddle, although you may want to rain in your shouts of celebration if you win as it might make anyone else in your house wonder what on earth you’re doing.

You can switch between different types of bingo at your leisure, play against people from all over the world for a wide range of prizes and you don’t even need to leave your house for the privilege.

Playing Bingo at Home on your Mobile vs Desktop

Once you have made the call to tuck into online bingo on home soil, you then have to choose which device to play it on.

If you opt for a desktop computer or laptop, you will benefit from a larger screen and, probably, a faster processor, which means you can enjoy bingo live in all its glory.

As for playing on a mobile device, the ultimate benefit is portability: all you need to do is grab your handset and away you go. First-class bingo games, which you can play for free or to win real cash prizes, are right there at your fingertips.

Best Online Bingo Games

The chances are that you only had one, maybe two bingo halls on your doorstep in the good old days, before the great institution started to disappear from the streets of the UK and Ireland after the recession.

The great news about playing bingo online is that you have thousands of potential bingo rooms to choose from, and you can separate the best from the rest quite easily.

Here at Paddy Power Bingo, we offer a huge number of games every day, from bingo slots to scratchcards, boast some of the most generous bingo welcome offers and bonuses in the business and, thanks to our vibrant community of players, are able to deliver some phenomenal prizes too.

Why would you play anywhere else?

How to Choose the Best Online Bingo Bookie

The beauty of the internet is in the choice it affords us: we have a far greater range of options now than ever before.

It means we don’t have to accept anything but the best in life, and the online bingo world has never been in ruder health.

So how do you go about choosing the best online bingo bookie? The answer is simple: be selfish.

Which bingo games do you prefer playing? What kind of bonuses and promotions do you seek? What else does the platform offer for when you are waiting for your next bingo game to start?

These are just three of the considerations you might have, and it just so happens that these are a trio of areas where Paddy Power Bingo thrives.

How to Choose the Best Bingo Game

If you have been playing online bingo for a while you may already have an idea of your favourite games.

If not, then our advice is to try the various types – from 75-ball bingo to 90-ball bingo, and the various ‘branded’ titles – to see which really floats your boat. You should also check our Slots collection to try out more than 200 of the latest titles, including our brand new collection of Slingo Games.

Remember, you can play and enjoy games for as little as one penny or cent per turn. Our tip for finding the best bingo games to suit you is to try as many as possible!

How Many Players Can Play Bingo in One Game?

There is no set amount of players per game, and you can always check the prize fund amount in the settings section of each game.

How to Play Online Bingo

First things first, when playing bingo online you will need to decide which game to play. You can do that in the lobby, where you can find out which games are due to start soon. These include chances to play bingo for real money or for free.

Once you have entered a bingo room, you can purchase tickets and get down to some high-octane bingo action.

Online Bingo Strategy

Online bingo is a fun game of luck, of course, so there’s only so much strategy that can be applied to the game.

But think about the time you log on to Paddy Power Bingo: will you be competing with hundreds of other players for the prizes, or have you picked a quieter moment where the competition is more sparse?

And think about how much of a stake you have in the game. Every additional card you buy for a single game enhances your chances of winning, and while you should always be responsible with your bankroll and budget effectively, clearly that is something to think about.

Online Bingo Draws Rules

The rules for playing bingo at home are the same as they are in your local hall or club.

One ball is drawn at a time and you mark it off if it features on your card. Winners are those who dab off a line, two lines, patterns and, of course, the full house first are those who take home the bacon.

What is a Bingo Caller?

You’ve seen them: the often-cheeky chappies, ever-popular with octogenarians, who call the numbers as they are drawn by the machine.

There aren’t many callers in online bingo games, as the emphasis is on rapid gameplay and not silver-tongued charmer from the man or woman in the sequined jacket.

What are Bingo Numbers?

Every ball has a number on it, and it is these which you are attempting to dab off on your gamecards.

How Many Numbers Are There in a Bingo Set?

It depends on which form of online bingo you are playing, and the clue is generally in the title: 75-ball bingo has numbers 1-75, 80-ball has 1-80, and so on.

What is the Highest Number in Bingo?

Again, this depends on which form of online bingo machines you play. In the 75-ball game, the highest number is 75, and the same is true for 80 and 90-ball versions of the game.

What Bingo Numbers Are Called the Most?

There are no numbers that are called more than any others: bingo is a wholly random game, and so no single number has a higher probability than any other of appearing.

How Do You Win in Bingo?

All bingo cash games are different, and so you should explore the rules for each when determining which winning combinations are required.

Typically, most games require you to mark off a line, two lines or every single number on your gamecard (called ‘house’).

There are other patterns in some games, too: from four corners and outside edges to the ‘Big X’, which is two diagonal lines that meet in the centre of your card.

What are the Odds of Winning at Bingo?

If you think about it, your odds of winning a game of bingo at home depend on how many competing players you’re up against.

So, if it’s you against nine others your chances are 1 in 10, if you’re dabbing against 99 others your probability is 1 in 100, and so on.

Remember, online bingo is completely random, so there’s no way of increasing your chances of winning (apart from buying more cards, playing at quiet times etc).

What is Progressive Bingo?

Some big live games are linked to progressive jackpots, where if you can dab off a specific pattern of numbers, you will win the whole pot!

Every time a card is purchased for a game linked to a progressive jackpot more funds are added to the kitty, and these jackpots can range from, say, £100 all the way up to six-figure sums. Find the latest jackpot games on Paddy Power Bingo, including Rainbow Jackpots, Kingdom of Cash Jackpot and more.

How Many Different Card Combinations Are There in Bingo?

Right, calculators at the ready. There are some 32,760 bingo card combinations – i.e. there are 32,760 unique bingo gamecards based upon all of the available numbers and patterns.

You’ll do very well to have the same game twice!

Online Bingo Games

As mentioned, one of the main reasons people love online bingo so much is because of the sheer number of games that are available.

It could be the standard format, branded bingo games that feature fun side games, ‘speed’ bingo and so much more.

Here at Paddy Power Bingo, we have a lobby jam-packed with options, from free games to bingo for real money.

Types of Online Bingo

There are a couple of broad categories that bingo online games can be broken down into.

There the games that we can categorise solely on how many balls are in the machine: 30, 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo being the main variants.

There are ‘specials’ based on TV shows, movies or slot games. Think Age of the Gods Lord of Lightning, Rainbow Riches slot, Deal or No Deal, that sort of thing.

There are progressive jackpot games, where you can win huge sums of money, and online bingo machines that cost just a few pennies to play.

Last but not least, there’s an impressive collection of online slot games that you can choose from. Find the slot that suits your taste and play online at Paddy Power Bingo!

The Most Popular Bingo Game Types

One of the first things you will notice is the great variety of online bingo game types you can choose from with Paddy Power. No matter how you like to play, you'll find a way that suits you down to a tee.

Massively enjoyable 90-Ball Bingo

If you play 90 ball bingo then the numbers run up to - you guessed it - 90. In this case, the cards have nine columns and three rows on them. You can usually win by completing either one line, two lines or a full house.

This is probably still the most popular type of bingo game around. It is a massively enjoyable, absorbing type of game that cranks up the tension levels with each new number that is called out.

Fast and interesting 75-Ball Bingo

With 75-ball bingo, the numbers run from one to 75. Each player’s cards are set out with five columns and five rows, although the square that is slap-bang in the middle is kept free. This means that you need to get 24 numbers for a full house.

This is another classic bingo variant that has millions of fans. It is a fast and interesting type of game that gives a brilliant way of very easily adding something special to any day.

Beat the banker with Deal or No Deal Bingo

If you loved the TV show then you won’t want to miss the bingo game based on it! Deal or No Deal Bingo is based on 90 ball bingo rules but has some extra elements that make it stand out from the crowd.

There are four prizes to be won here: a single line, two lines, full house and the special Deal or No Deal feature. If it is your lucky day and you get a full house you will be offered a deal by the banker. Will you stick with your existing prize or make a deal?

Jackpot bingo games for humungous prizes

Do you dream of winning a bingo prize that blows your mind? If you want to aim for the sky then jackpot bingo games give you the very best chance of winning lots of lovely cash.

In these games, there is a huge jackpot prize waiting to be scooped. To find the biggest possible prize then you can look in the bingo lobby and order the games by size of jackpot. Who could resist the tempting prizes that are there to be won?

Bingo specials to look out for

There are also numerous fun bingo games that feature unique touches. A good example comes with the mythical Ago of Gods bingo. This is a 90 ball game in which the full house winner selects golden coins to discover the size of the eventual payout.

Another way of injecting some extra sparkle into your life is by entering the Sapphire room at Paddy Power. This glittering bingo room is home to a number of terrific games with big jackpots.

Popular Online Bingo Games in UK and Ireland

The main forms of online bingo played in the UK and Ireland are 75 and 90-ball bingo, but here at Paddy Power, we know that variety is the spice of life.

And that’s why we offer such a comprehensive range of bingo types to our players – you won’t be getting bored with us any time soon!

How Can You Win a Jackpot in Bingo?

Progressive bingo titles have very specific rules that govern how to trigger the jackpot.

It could be a unique pattern of numbers on your gamecard, or you might have to get the full house within a specific ball count.

There are also fixed jackpots, where the same rules apply but a confirmed prize payout is in place.

Bingo Tips and Tricks

As we’ve already discussed, bingo is and always will be random – that unpredictability is why we love it.

There are some tips and tricks to help you maximise your chances of winning, however. Remember, the fewer people that are playing, the higher your probability of winning, which is always something to consider.

And if you have multiple cards in the game then the same rules apply. If 20 players have one card each you have a 5% chance of winning. If everyone else in the same game had one card and you had four, your win possibility increases to 17%.

Online Bingo Bonuses

For real bingo platforms of note, offering lucrative welcome bonuses to new players – and exciting promotions for existing customers – is key.

Here at Paddy Power, we offer a variety of offers to our players, from deposit bonuses and free spins to special prize games and even free bingo online.

Bingo Bonus Types

The main type of bingo bonus for new players is the welcome offer, where your first deposit will be boosted by after going through the bingo sign up process.

They might throw some free spins into the mix on their best and most-loved slots (like we do), or offer free tickets to bingo cash games. Special incentives to play in certain rooms at specific times are also welcomed, too.

Welcome Offers for New Bingo Customers

We all like a little something for nothing in life, so when you make your first deposit at Paddy Power Bingo, we’d like to reward you with some bonus funds to enjoy.

These bonuses are a great way to learn the ropes of online bingo without parting with too much of your own cash. You can experiment with different game types, or try to build your bankroll for free.

Bingo Bonuses for Existing Users

The good times aren’t reserved for just new customers. Existing players can enjoy our selection of ongoing promotions, too, which include free hours, enhanced prizes, cash boosts and much more besides.

Online Bingo for Real Money

There are two ways to enjoy the online bingo machines at Paddy Power Bingo: you can try our free games or instead play bingo for real money. The choice is yours!

Online Bingo Betting

In the lobby, you will see all of our upcoming bingo games listed. Next to these, you’ll see the details of any cash prizes and bingo jackpots if applicable, as well as the cost of an individual ticket.

This will help you to budget your bingo online gaming with ease.

Online Bingo Payouts

Again, pay attention to the information outlined in the lobby. You can search our list of games rooms by the size of the prize up for grabs, if you wish, by clicking the arrow next to the ‘prize’ button.

Don’t forget, in some cases, this will be dictated by the number of players in the game, which you can also see listed in the lobby.

Free vs Real Money Bingo Play

Bingo is, and always will be, great fun. It shouldn’t be considered an easy money-making scheme, because as we know life never quite works out like that!

You can play free bingo games and have a whale of a time. Winning the line round or even bagging the full house delivers an intense feeling of excitement no matter what is on the line.

Of course, bingo cash games can deliver an even more exhilarating experience knowing that you could win real money prizes, but as ever you should only play with what you can afford and bet responsibly.

Is Playing Bingo for Money Considered Gambling?

The answer to that question perhaps lies in your own perception of online bingo.

Ultimately, you are risking your own cash for a chance to win a financial prize, and there’s no guarantee of a return.

So by that token, we can say that playing bingo for real money can be considered as gambling.

What is a Wagering Requirement in Bingo?

When you take a bingo bonus, there are wagering requirements attached that you will need to satisfy before you can withdraw any winnings.

This is usually a set financial amount – expressed as a multiple of your original bonus – so will look 40x or something similar.

You will have a certain amount of time to achieve the requirements.

Play Online Bingo for Real Money with Paddy Power!

Here at Paddy Power Bingo, we believe that you won’t find anywhere better to enjoy your bingo online.

We offer stacks of different games around the clock for early birds and night owls alike, with fantastic cash prizes and some knee-trembling jackpot amounts.

We’ll hand you a welcome bonus to get you started, and tickle your fancy with our ongoing selection of bonuses and promotions.

What’s not to love!? Come and join us at Paddy Power Bingo today.

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