Bingo Halls vs Online Bingo

If you’re a bingo fan, there’s more choice than ever before. In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the nuances bingo halls and how they compare to the online products we offer.

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All About Bingo Halls

The average bingo hall is large room that has just three main components: tables, chairs and a bingo machine. Of course, you need to some people to play and others to run the game. However, in general, the average game of live bingo requires just a few pieces of equipment. This is why it’s so popular: because you can host a game almost anywhere, it’s easy to get started.

Of course, today’s leading bingo halls are a little more lavish. From table service, meals and state-of-the-art sound systems to electronic bingo stations, modern venues are all-action entertainment establishments. So, while bingo halls are, at their core, fairly minimalist, operators have jazzed things up in recent years to keep players coming back for more.

Advantages of Playing in a Bingo Club

·         A live bingo club is extremely social.

·         Modern bingo halls offer food and a wide array of entertainment options.

·         Local bingo halls link up to national games to create mega prizepools.

·         Bingo places have a certain style and atmosphere thanks to the people that work there.

Disadvantages of Playing in a Bingo Club

·         The pace of play inside a bingo hall is slower than it is online.

·         Playing bingo online costs less than it does in a live venue.

·         There’s not the same variety of games in local bingo halls as there is online.

·         You can’t play other games, such as blackjack, in a live bingo club.

Bingo Hall Etiquette

Like any social setting, etiquette is important in a bingo hall. It goes without saying that manners and respect are paramount at all times. Never insult your fellow players or members of staff. Regardless of how frustrated you get with a game, never take it out on someone else. Other things to remember are:

  1. Talking and Noise in Bingo Halls

Another point of etiquette you must get to grips with is noise. In between games, there will be a certain amount of noise because people are there to socialise and have a good time. However, once a game begins and the calls start, silence is required. That means no talking unless you have to call for a winning ticket.

  1. Interaction with Other Players, the Moderator and the Caller

Linked to the above points, you must always be polite when you interact with those around you. However, make sure you’re never a distraction. Players, moderators and the caller are all trying to concentrate when a game is in progress, so it's best not to do anything that might upset that dynamic.

  1. Purchasing Tickets in a Bingo Hall

Bingo hall etiquette also states that you should have your game cards ready in good time. In some venues, anyone who’s not in their seat before the first number is called will have to sit out that game, even if they’ve purchased a ticket. Therefore, when you get to the venue, make sure you purchase tickets for as many games as you wish. As a general rule, you’ll be able to buy a maximum of six tickets per game.

  1. Bingo hall seating – what are lucky seats?

The final social convention you may come across in live bingo clubs is lucky seats. While no one has any right to move you from a seat you’ve chosen (unless it’s reserved), you may find that regulars have a lucky spot. If you know someone always sits in a “special” seat, it’s courtesy to give way in the interests of being polite and creating a convivial atmosphere.

Do you need to book your seat in bingo halls?

To avoid the issue of not getting the seat you want, major bingo halls let you book a table. By pre-booking, you can specify how many people are in your party, the games you want to play and any extras you want such as food/drink. As an incentive, bingo operators may offer free food vouchers, game tickets or slot tokens when you pre-book certain party packages.

Bingo Halls Age Limit

For all of the above rules to apply, you need to be old enough to play bingo. To enter play bingo in the UK, you must be 18 or older.

Electronic Bingo in Brick and Mortar Bingo Halls

One final thing to note before you step into certain bingo places is that there may be electronic games. These stations have taken certain elements of online bingo and brought them into the live arena. When you use an electronic bingo terminal, you can purchase packages that allow you to have more than six tickets per game.

Playing Bingo on the Internet: Online Bingo Gameplay

Online bingo is slicker, quicker and more diverse than its live counterpart. Yes, it doesn’t have quite the same level of social interaction. However, when it comes to betting options, stakes and accessibility, the internet has taken bingo to a new level.

Advantages of Playing Bingo Online

·         The average cost of a game online is cheaper than in a live bingo hall.

·         There are more games available online than live.

·         Games take less time to complete and jackpots can be larger.

·         You don’t need to book a seat or leave your house to play.

Disadvantages of Playing Bingo Online

·         You don’t get to meet the people you’re playing with.

·         There’s not as much social interaction online as there is when playing in person.

·         You can’t order food and drink (from the venue) when you play online.

·         There aren’t as many added extras online, such as music.

The Pace and Rhythm of Online Bingo Games

Online bingo is designed to tick over at a rapid pace. It’s not so quick that you can’t keep up. However, there is a definite rhythm to each game. Fortunately, our software handles everything for you. The virtual caller keeps a certain timing and bingo numbers will be crossed off of your card automatically. Therefore, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Can you play in multiple rooms in online bingo?

Yes. Playing bingo online is all about accessibility and diversity. As such, you can join multiple games at once. In fact, thanks to our automatic software, you don’t have to worry about watching multiple game cards because everything will be handled for you.

Can you have a lucky seat when you play bingo online?

No. Unlike local bingo halls, there aren’t any seats online. When you enter a game, there are two main components: the balls and the chatbox. Everyone occupies the same virtual space.

Restrictions in Online Bingo

There are very few restrictions in online bingo. As long as you’re 18 or older, you can create an account at Paddy Power Bingo, make a deposit and play. Simple!

Online Bingo Play for Real Money

Of course, the important part of the above equation is making a deposit. Although we run a variety of online bingo bonuses and promotions, many of them require you to make a deposit at some point. Therefore, at least initially, you’ll have to add some funds to your account to be able to play for cash prizes and get the most from your online bingo experience.

What are my chances of winning at online bingo?

The chances of winning at online bingo will be the same as any live game. The main variables that determine how likely you are to win are the number of players/active tickets in the game and the number of tickets you hold. For example, if there were ten active tickets in a game and you had one of them, you’d have a one in ten chance of winning.

The main differences between offline and online bingo are:

Speed and Cost: Online bingo is much faster than its live counterpart. As such, we can offer more games and, importantly, more games at a lower price.

Chat Groups: As well as general chat rooms, you can talk to friends in private groups when you play online. This is similar to sitting at the same table with friends in a live bingo hall.

Safety: It’s possible to ask the question “online bingo vs. bingo halls – which one is the safest?” However, that’s not really fair. Offline bingo is safe because everything is there on the table in front of you and moderators are always watching over the action. Online, you can’t see all the game components.

For example, you can’t see the balls being drawn. However, you needn’t fear because everything is handled by random number generators (RNGs) and secure software. Everything we do is 100% safe and fair. To verify that fact, you simply have to check with the regulatory bodies that licence our online gaming products.

Bingo Rules FAQ

Can you ask questions in a bingo hall?

Yes. There are ticket sellers, moderators and members of staff that will answer any and all questions inside a live bingo hall.

Can players cheat in bingo halls?

It may be possible to cheat but it’s rare. All claims are checked and verified in real-time and in public by onsite moderators. Therefore, it’s very hard to dupe the system because everyone can see what’s going on at all times.

Can you bring children to a bingo hall?

Yes, but they can’t take part in a game. In bingo clubs with electronic gaming machines, children have to be kept in separate areas away from any betting options.

Is it safe to play bingo in a bingo hall?

Absolutely. All games are 100% fair and everyone on site is there to ensure you have a good time. Anyone that breaches the rules or disturbs a game will be removed by a member of staff or the security team.

Is it safe to play bingo on the internet?

Yes! Online bingo is extremely safe. Here at Paddy Power Bingo, our software is protected by SSL encryption technology, all payment processors are reputable and our RNGs ensure games are random. Additionally, we have a security team that monitors all activity for fraud, cheating or suspicious behaviour.

Can you play in a bingo hall for free?

In general, you can’t play for free inside local bingo halls. There may be certain promotions that allow you to get free tickets. However, it’s typically the case that games come at a cost.

Can you play bingo online for free?

Yes. Online bingo bonuses and promotions are a great way to play for free. For example, when you join Paddy Power Bingo, you get access to our Newbie Room for ten days. This room is for new customers only and contains a selection of free-play bingo games.

Can you interact with the host in a bingo hall?

Between games it’s OK to chat to a bingo host. However, when a game is in progress, talking to or distracting the host is a breach of the rules.

Can you interact with other players in a bingo hall?

Of course! Bingo is a social game and interaction is encouraged at all times. As long as you don’t talk when the numbers are being called, you can enjoy being in the company of likeminded people and, importantly, have fun at your local bingo club.

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