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jackpot: £500.00
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Online Bingo and Slots

Online bingo and online slot games are extremely popular as they're both easy and fun to play, and here at Paddy Power Bingo, we offer a huge variety of both types of title. As well as some key similarities, they also have a lot of differences, so we'll help you decide which game is right for you.

Online slots and bingo – What do they have in common?

You may wonder why you can find bingo alongside online slot machines at Paddy Power. Well, while these are different types of game, they also have enough in common to make us believe that they go together like bees and honey.

Bingo and slots are both fast, fun types of game that give you the chance to win some money. They are essentially games of chance, although there are some playing strategies that can boost your likelihood of being a winner in each of them.  

What is the difference between slot machines and bingo machines?

Of course, despite their similarities, these are different types of game. With bingo, you are playing in a virtual bingo room full of players and trying to score off all your numbers. When it comes to slots, like Paddy's Lucky Pigeon or Mystery Reels, you play alone as you try to pick up a bingo jackpot with a winning line of symbols.

This combination is absolutely brilliant for making the most of your playing time. You can head over to play some slots while waiting for a new bingo game to start, or else simply split your time between them as you prefer.

The allure of playing slot games on a bingo platform

Why is playing bingo slots such a big deal these days? The truth is that many of us love playing both of these types of game. A bingo platform with slots on it gives you the chance to enjoy two of the world’s favourite types of game effortlessly.

One of the big advantages of playing on bingo and slots sites like Paddy Power Bingo is that you get access to many different games, with themes ranging from history (like Napoleon Slot) to mythology (like Ra's Legend Slot) or astrology (Zodiac Supernova Slot).

with just one account. Here at Paddy Power, we handpick all of the games you see from the world's most respected developers, so that you only have to choose from the best of the best.

Why Choose to Play on Bingo Slots Sites

There are some great reasons for settling down to play at bingo slots sites like Paddy Power. Why is this the right place for you to relax and enjoy some great moments?

Dedicated bingo site vs. a bingo site as part of a gaming platform

Online bingo sites have been around for ages now, as have slots sites. Yet, we feel that one without the other is a bit like fish without chips. They go together like a match made in heaven.

By bringing online slots and bingo together in one place, we give you double the enjoyment. You can choose the perfect game for each moment, with the flexibility and control to choose exactly what you want to do. Why settle for just bingo when bingo plus slots are twice as nice?

How to choose the best bingo and slots site

You can take your pick from many different bingo slots sites right now. So why are we so sure that it is Paddy Power that will blow your socks off and keep you playing happily? This is because it makes sense to choose our fabulously action-packed site.

Choosing the best bingo website means looking for somewhere that have a rich variety of bingo and slots, as well as great bingo promotions and a vibrant community. You’ll find it all here waiting for you.

What is a slot bonus on a bingo site?

Starting to play with a slot bonus lets you get going a lot more easily. Even if you are already delighted to play games like bingo most of the time, this cheery bonus will let you add another string to your bow.

This is because it gives you free money or free spins that you can use on bingo slots games. In this way, you can try out more of the games on the site like and work out which ones you most enjoy playing.

Can I be a winner at bingo slots?

Finding the right slots for your style will give you a terrific new way of passing some time. But can you become a winner at bingo slots if you’ve never played them before? There are some important points to bear in mind once you start spinning reels.

These games are easy to play from day one, as their rules are so simple to follow. Later on, we will look at some tips for playing them smartly. But there is no reason that you can’t just dive in and stand a good chance of winning if you are feeling a little bit impatient.

Our Guide to Online Slot Games

Is it time to go a bit more in-depth on these games? You may be itching to find out exactly how to play slots games and to see what lies in store for you. Let’s take a spin through the basics that you need to get to grips with.

What are slot games?

You may have heard these games called fruit machines or one-armed bandits. They are classic games that have been around since the end of the 19th century and that show no signs of losing any of their popularity. In fact, they are becoming more popular all the time, with new titles launching regularly.

The basic idea is to try and get a winning combination of symbols on the screen. While this used to be mean lots of fruits and bells (for slot games like Fruit Stack), modern bingo slots feature a wide range of thrilling themes that are designed to appeal to every sort of player. Look out for slots based on TV shows like Deal or No Deal Double Action, movies like Hollywood Boulevard, mythology like Eye of Horus and lots of other themes.

Some basic online slots rules and tips

You need a slice of luck to win at slot games, but there are also some tips that will help you. For a start, you need to understand the rules. These rules are simple, but there are often special symbols such as wilds and scatters to be aware of.

Some slots pay out regularly but with small amounts; these are known as low volatility slots. Others have bigger prizes but pay out less frequently; these are high volatility games. Choose the type that suits you best. Ideally, you will try a few to get a good feel for them.

How to play slot machine games wisely

Even a complete novice won’t have any problems getting started on our online slot games. They are incredibly easy to play whether you do so on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

After you have chosen the bingo slot you want to play, the next step is to decide how much to wager. This starts with really low amounts, so there is nothing to stop you from spreading out the fun by starting slowly. Then hit the ‘spin’ or ‘start’ button and watch as the reels start moving.

What does the slots RTP figure mean?

Another bit of information that you should know is around the RTP. This is the ‘return to player’ offered by a bingo slot machine. It tells you how much the game pays out on average.

So, if a slot has an RTP of 97%, it will give back 97% of what it takes in over time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will be the player who wins big. Yet, the higher the RTP, the greater your confidence will be of grabbing some lovely wins.

Slots Glossary:

What are the key words and phrases you need to know when you start playing bingo slots? Don’t worry, there’s no test at the end of this!

  • Basic slot meaning:

This sort of game has a number of reels (usually three or five, but it can vary) with different symbols. The idea is to get a winning combination of symbols.

  • Betting unit meaning.

You decide how much to wager. This means choosing how many betting units (or coins) to bet. Naturally, the bigger the bet the bigger the potential win.

  • Bonus feature meaning:

The modern bingo slots UK players can choose come with some exhilarating features. For instance, a wild symbol can replace other symbols to help you to win. Scatter symbols give you free spins when you get a certain number of them. New games often come with other innovative, eye-catching features.

  • Carousel meaning:

This is an arrangement of slot machines that are grouped together by theme or else randomly.

  • Coins meaning:

The amount you bet and win is measured in coins. So, you may bet five coins on a slot that a maximum pay-out of 500 coins, which is 100 times your wager size. It is an easy way to keep track of your funds and winnings!

  • Comps meaning:

You get rewarded for your loyalty with comp points at Paddy Power. The more slots game you play, the more points you earn. These points can then be converted into cold, hard cash.

  • Free spins meaning:

Free spins are exactly what they sound like: the chance to spin those reels without using your own cash. Look out for our free spins offers to make your funds stretch further.

  • Fruit machine meaning:

This is just another name used for a slots machine. While modern, online bingo slots look very different from old-style fruit machines, the idea behind the games is very similar.

  • Hit frequency meaning:

You may see this phrase used to describe how often a slot pays out, or the return to player (RTP). The higher the hit frequency, the greater the chance of striking it lucky.

  • Jackpot meaning:

The jackpot is the Holy Grail on slots sites. This is a game’s main prize, which can run into thousands of coins. Take a moment to understand how to win the jackpot before your first spin.

  • Line bet meaning:

Some slots let you choose how much to bet on different lines. So you decide how many coins to wager and on which lines.

  • Pay line meaning:

Following on from the last point, this is the active line on the screen that you can win on. You can only win on pay lines that you have selected. Some slots have just a few paylines while others have hundreds of possible winning patterns.

  • Pay-out meaning:

How much can you win by playing a bingo slot machine? It varies from one game to another. Every game has a pay table that you can access in order to see the payouts for each combination of symbols.

  • Progressive slot meaning:

Are you hungry for a massive win? Progressive slots have big jackpots that keep on climbing and climbing until someone wins them.

  • Reels meaning:

The reels are the different columns of symbols you can see. Many bingo slots have five reels but this isn’t always the case.

  • RNG meaning:

This is the random number generator that is a vital part of any slots game. Quite simply, it is what ensures that the reels spin randomly and that your success comes down to luck every single time.

  • Scatter symbol meaning:

Scatter symbols are your friends! You will typically get awarded some free spins for getting three or more of them anywhere on the reels. You might also get a handsome payout for this combination.

  • Slot machine meaning:

As we have seen, there is a lot of variety in the world of online bingo slots. The slot machine name describes any game of this type, with any or all of the features we have looked at.

  • Spin meaning:

A spin is a turn or a shot on a slot machine. Hit the button to make the reels move around. If you get a winning combination on a payline then the payout is added to your account.

  • Video slot meaning:

The phrase video slot is now used to describe modern, slick online slots. They will typically feature cool graphics, features and sound effects over five reels. On the other hand, classic slots are simpler and usually have just three reels.

Is It Time to Play Bingo and Slot Games for Real Money?

Now that you are fully informed about bingo slots, you are just about ready to rock and roll. One last point before you hit the reels or the bingo rooms, though. Are you ready to play for real money?

Bingo games betting vs. slot games betting: Do you need to choose?

What if you love bingo and you also like the look of playing slot games? Do you need to choose which ones you will be playing? Or can you jump between both ways of playing and feel as free as a bird?

With Paddy Power, you have total freedom to spread your wings and head off to whatever games take your fancy. There are strong reasons for playing both bingo games and slots, so we won’t ever force you to choose between them. Just choose what appeals to you most at any given time.

Find out how to win at bingo games

Will you win money in this way? We regularly get to share the joy of one of our players grabbing a fabulous cash prize on our games when they shout out "House!" So how can you join them?

Luck plays its part, of course! There is also no denying that the more you play, the bigger your chances. Above all, look for a bingo game you like and are comfortable with. Some games just seem to be luckier for certain players, so don’t rule out finding your own lucky charm.

Play online bingo for real money with Paddy Power!

We all feel a tingling sensation of anticipation at the prospect of scooping a giant cash prize. Yet, there may be times when common sense tells you that it is time to play it cool and keep your powder dry for another day.

Playing bingo for real money adds a spark of genuine pleasure at any time of day, but you should always be sensible about it.

Nothing can stop you now. You should now fully understand how to get the maximum enjoyment out of the bingo and slots games here at Paddy Power.

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