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Bingo Specials Online

If you fancy a change from chasing full houses, but you still want to enjoy the heart-pounding dynamics of bingo gameplay, look no further than Paddy Power’s special bingo games.

Our bingo specials library consists of a host of innovative bingo variants which all have the essence of bingo as well as next-generation thrills and spills thrown in for good measure.

You’ll notice within our bingo specials section that we offer unique bingo variants every 105 seconds at Paddy Power Bingo. You can buy tickets and head to the rooms of our special games. They still offer the sense of community that so many Paddy Power Bingo customers crave, but with a unique twist.

What makes a bingo game ‘special’?

The games that feature in our bingo specials library are those that stand out from the crowd. We’ve got game libraries for bingo traditionalists that prefer the classic 90-ball games and even those who want to sample short-form 80-ball and 75-ball bingo games too. However, our bingo specials are those that aren’t afraid to deviate from the norm, with releases like Cash Cubes adding a fresh dimension to bingo gameplay.

A special bingo game doesn’t have to offer massive payouts. It just has to look and feel like a whole new online bingo experience. Take Cash Cubes as a prime example. Instead of using a standard number grid, it utilises four ‘cubes’, each of which has four randomly assigned numbers surrounding it. Players get prizes for ‘releasing’ their cubes by covering the numbers around their Cash Cubes.

It’s still a game requiring you to match a host of bingo numbers, but it’s just a different way of getting to the prizes.

How to play bingo specials

If you’ve only ever stuck to traditional bingo games online, Paddy Power Bingo is the place to be if you want to turbocharge your bingo entertainment. We’ve partnered with Virtue Fusion to offer a contemporary twist on classic bingo gaming in the shape of bingo rooms such as Cash Cubes.

What is Cash Cubes bingo and how does it work?

Cash Cubes is the brainchild of Virtue Fusion, who spotted a gap in the market for a fresh take on online bingo action – and boy, were we delighted to see it. From the moment you enter the Cash Cubes bingo room, you’ll have a very different gaming experience – except for the chat box, which is still clearly visible on the right-hand side of the screen.

To get started, purchase your Cash Cubes tickets on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the cost of your tickets, which range from 0.10 credits per ticket to a maximum of 2.00 credits per ticket.

The primary aim of Cash Cubes is to eliminate all the numbers surrounding your colourful cubes. Once a matching number is called, the number is removed from play. Match all four numbers surrounding a cube to release it. If you can do so faster than any other player, you’ll win a cash prize.

With each cube you complete, your potential prizes will rise. The red cube offers the most attractive cash payout. To claim a ‘full house’ in Cash Cubes, you’ll need to be the first player to unlock all four cubes on your ticket.

Aside from the cash prizes for every cube you unlock, there’s also a rolling progressive jackpot which starts at 500 credits and increases with every game until it’s won. 5% of all ticket fees go towards the jackpot total. To win this progressive jackpot you must make a full house within the first 18 calls.

Play bingo specials for real money

At Paddy Power, you can sample our special bingo games from as little as 0.10 credits per game. Our Cash Cube room is open 24/7, with games scheduled day and night. All our bingo specials come with real-money prizes, as well as progressive jackpots on occasion.

Can I use my Paddy Power Bingo bonus money on special bingo games?

If you’ve claimed a bonus when registering as a Paddy Power Bingo customer for the first time, you’ll be pleased to know our bingo specials are eligible for use with your bonus money. Your bonus funds will be used first in any special bingo game, like Cash Cubes, before any funds within your real-money balance.

What are the wagering requirements for bingo specials?

At Paddy Power Bingo, we set wagering requirements for all our bonus funds. This is to ensure that our new customers utilise their bonuses on our full library of bingo games rather than withdrawing it as cash straight away. We think that’s a fair deal considering the wealth of bingo jackpots up for grabs!

Our wagering requirements on all bingo bonus funds are set at 3x. If you have a 15-credit bingo bonus, you’ll have to spend 45 credits in tickets on bingo specials before any remaining winnings can be withdrawn.

How much does a Cash Cubes ticket cost?

If you want to try your luck at Paddy Power’s newest special bingo variant, Cash Cubes, you can buy tickets at one of four price points. Tickets start from 0.10 credits per game and rise to 0.50, 1 and 2 credits per game. The higher the ticket’s value, the bigger the jackpots you’ll play for



Our special bingo games, Cash Cubes, carry a host of cash prizes that pay out each time a cube has been released. There are standard cash prizes as well as rolling jackpot prizes waiting to be won.


Cash Cubes is designed as a 36-ball bingo game. A Cash Cubes ticket consists of four squares with a dozen numbers surrounding them. Eliminate all of the numbers around your squares to get one of the regular prizes or even one of the rolling jackpots that are triggered entirely at random.