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Play 90- Ball Bingo for Real Money

90-ball bingo is one of the fastest-emerging variants of the traditional game of bingo played online in the UK and beyond. It is also known in some quarters as “Housie”. If you are wondering what is 90-ball bingo and how it differs from the original 75-ball bingo game, read on to find out all you need to know to start playing bingo live 90-ball games here at Paddy Power.

How many numbers do you need for 90-Ball bingo?

There are three ways to win when you play bingo live 90-ball games:

  1. 1 line – when all five numbers displayed on a line are called
  2. 2 lines – when all ten numbers displayed on two lines of a ticket are called
  3. House – when all 15 numbers displayed on a ticket a called

How many rows are there in a 90-Ball bingo game?

A standard 90-ball bingo ticket features three rows of nine squares, five of which will have designated numbers and the remaining four will be left blank. On an entire 90 number bingo strip, this means there are 18 active rows to keep an eye on – and 108 if you opt to buy the maximum six strips for a single game!

How many columns are there in a 90-Ball bingo game?

Within a typical 90-ball bingo ticket, you’ll find nine columns of three squares, all of which will have at least one designated number for the active game, with the others left blank. Over an entire 90 number bingo strip, this means there are 54 columns to keep an eye on – and 324 if you choose to buy the maximum six strips for a single game!

What is a strip in 90-Ball bingo games?

When you play a 90 number bingo game online, a strip contains a collection of six separate tickets. All numbers from one to 90 will be displayed on each full strip, with 15 numbers displayed at random on each ticket. It is normally possible to buy up to six strips per game, should you wish to increase your chances of landing a winning strip.

Why does bingo only go to 90?

Good question. If the number of active numbers in a game of bingo went far beyond 90, we would be waiting a long time to land a line, two lines or a house!

It’s not clear why 90 was historically chosen as the active number of squares on a bingo strip.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo

Typically, when you play 90-ball bingo in a live hall, a human bingo caller will read out each number selected by the random number generator at a time until the winning bingo strips for lines, two lines and houses are identified.

When you log in to Paddy Power and play 90-ball online bingo, the software’s random number generator will continue to select the balls and display the numbers on-screen one at a time.

In an online game of 90 bingo, you will be given the choice of manually dabbing the numbers on your bingo strips with the click of a mouse or allowing the software to automatically dab and cover your called numbers for you. It ultimately depends on how involved you want to be in the game. Some players prefer to dab their bingo strips as it helps them to focus, while others – particularly those with multiple strips in play – will be happy to allow the computer to auto-dab on their behalf. The choice is yours.

90-Ball bingo game rules

Unlike in 75-ball bingo, where players must complete predetermined patterns on their tickets by marking all of the numbers on their strip to create the pattern, 90-ball bingo players can only win in one of three winning patterns:

  1. One line – the first player to mark all the numbers on a single line of a ticket will win the first prize of the game
  2. Two lines – The first player to mark all the numbers on two lines of a ticket will win the second prize of the game
  3. House – the first player to mark all 15 numbers of a ticket will claim the “Full House” and the game’s main prize

A player can win more than one of these patterns in a single game. It’s not uncommon for a player to claim two lines and then go on to claim the Full House.

If multiple players claim the same prize when a number is called, the prize will be shared equally between all winning players. Prize pools are generally determined by the number of bingo tickets sold, as well as any guaranteed prizes pools offered by an online bingo room.

90-Ball bingo game strategy

If you are wondering how to play smart when it comes to 90-ball online bingo, there are a few strategies you can adopt to give yourself the best statistical chance of winning a cash prize.

Primarily, it’s not a good idea to play during peak hours when there will be more players logged in. The more players that buy tickets to a game, the harder it will be to win. That’s because there will be more active strips and winning combinations available. You might enjoy playing when an online bingo room is busier, but by playing when the room is quieter you will maximise your odds of winning.

Tips for 90-Ball game players

  • Keep your eyes peeled for special offers Some bingo live 90-ball game providers will operate promotions, allowing you to buy one and get an extra strip free, for example. You might prefer to save your online bingo funds for these special discounts, making your bankroll go further and optimising your chances of success in the process.  
  • Stick to low-budget games Another way to make your 90-ball bingo budget stretch further is to stick to playing the games with the cheapest-priced strips. Although these games won’t have the biggest cash prizes, you can increase your chances of winning by buying more strips for a lower cost.  
  • Buy multiple strips to put the odds in your favour As we’ve already touched upon slightly, playing with multiple strips in 90-ball bingo will give you more winning opportunities. However, if you like to dab your numbers manually, you’ll need to be on your mettle to keep up with the pace!

90-Ball bingo game card layout

A strip for an online bingo 90-ball game is made up of a 3x9 ticket of numbers. It’s actually easy to get to grips with the layout of an online bingo card once you’ve played a few games. If you enjoy manually dabbing your called numbers, keep the following in mind to stay on track:

  • Numbers one to nine – Column one
  • Numbers ten to 19 – Column two
  • Numbers 20 to 29 – Column three
  • Numbers 30 to 39 – Column four
  • Numbers 40 to 49 – Column five
  • Numbers 50 to 59 – Column six
  • Numbers 60 to 69 – Column seven
  • Numbers 70 to 79 – Column eight
  • Numbers 80 to 90 – Column nine

90-Ball bingo game patterns

90-ball bingo is arguably the easiest for a bingo beginner to get the hang of. That’s because there are only three basic patterns to look out for on a strip:

  • One line – can appear horizontally along row one, two or three
  • Two lines – can appear horizontally along two out of three rows
  • House – all rows of numbers are covered, resulting in a Full House or ‘Bingo’

What is a line in 90-Ball bingo?

If you win a single line on a bingo 90-ball strip, you will need to have all five numbers on a single row covered horizontally.

What is a full house in 90-Ball bingo?

If you win a full house on a bingo 90-ball strip, you will need to have all 15 numbers on a single ticket covered, with all three rows blacked-out.

Jackpots in the 90-Ball online bingo game

The size of jackpots offered in 90-ball bingo online rooms can differ greatly. Some jackpots are wholly determined by the number of tickets sold per game, while others may have a guaranteed minimum prize pool offered up front by the online bingo room.

Play 90-Ball Bingo Games for Real Money

Once you have got to grips with the rules and strategy of playing bingo online using the 90-ball version, you can then start to play for real money prizes with greater confidence. At Paddy Power, we offer a number of vibrant online bingo rooms that host regular 90-ball games, with ticket prizes starting from just 1p. You can check out how many other players are in the room, along with the rolling jackpot, via the on-screen dashboard.

90-Ball bingo games payouts

When you sign up to play 90-ball bingo online with Paddy Power, you will see each room clearly display the cash prizes and jackpots available for each game. The majority of prizes will be determined by the number of players and the volume of tickets they purchase.

How to win at 90-Ball bingo games

The beauty of bingo live 90-ball games is that you don’t have to be skilled to strike it lucky. It’s a game of fate, decided by the bingo caller’s random number generator. However, you can maximise your chances of success by buying the maximum number of tickets possible, giving you more active numbers and winning combinations to land.

Just make sure you take the time to read the rules and regulations of how your chosen online bingo room operates. That way you won’t have the fear of making an error that could see you miss out on huge real-money bingo jackpots.

90-Ball bingo games prizes

Aside from real-money prizes for landing a line, two lines and a full house, some online bingo rooms operate progressive jackpots that are triggered when players land a full house within a certain number of calls. A small percentage of each ticket cost contributes towards the progressive jackpot, which increases day-by-day until one lucky winner takes the loot!

What are the wagering requirements in 90-Ball bingo?

If you are given a sign-up bonus to play 90-ball bingo at Paddy Power, your bonus funds will normally be bound by wagering requirements, preventing you from withdrawing your bonus money immediately as cash to your chosen account. On the upside, this means you will be able to enjoy more bingo live 90-ball action!

Currently, our wagering requirements on all bingo bonus money is 3x. This means that you must wager your £/€15 bingo bonus three times to the value of £/€45 before the funds can be withdrawn.

Play 90-Ball bingo for real money with Paddy Power!

Aside from 90 number bingo games, Paddy Power prides itself on being able to offer all types of bingo rooms, catering for ticket prices ranging from a penny to a pound. Better still, the next game of 90-ball bingo online is only ever a few minutes away.

As a Paddy Power Bingo player, you will have exclusive access to daily specials and huge monthly prizes, alongside all our other regular and seasonal promotions and offers.

Get to grips with the mechanics of 90-ball bingo with Paddy Power today and start playing for heart-pounding real-money jackpots as part of our vibrant online bingo community!



A 90-ball bingo game contains the numbers one through to 90. In most cases, 90-ball bingo is played on a single strip that features a combination of six tickets to be used for each round of gameplay. The 90 numbers are spread across all six tickets, with each number only able to be called out once per game.


When you buy a ticket for 90 number bingo, you will receive six tickets on one strip. Each ticket comprises 27 squares, with 15 numbers on every ticket, ensuring you have 90 numbers displayed across the entirety of your strip.

Players may purchase a maximum of six strips for any game of 90-ball bingo online, giving you a chance to have every number in play up to six times.