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Bingo Scratch Cards

Choose from more than a dozen exciting bingo scratch cards online at Paddy Power Bingo and play to win a host of instant cash prizes at the touch of a button!

A slick, contemporary take on the classic paper-based scratch cards, these online versions offer super-quick gratification and some whopping jackpots to boot.


What are bingo scratch cards?

Bingo scratch cards are online scratch cards made available exclusively to Paddy Power’s Bingo customers. They are played in exactly the same way as a regular online scratch card. You have to use your mouse or mobile device to scratch off and reveal the hidden symbols on your scratch card. If the card reveals the correct number of matching symbols on-screen, you will win an instant cash prize.

Best of all, they only take a matter of seconds to play, making them the ideal form of entertainment while you wait for your next scheduled bingo games.


What makes scratches so exciting?

The most exciting element of playing bingo scratch cards is the fact you can turn small stakes into massive returns. At Paddy Power Bingo, some of our bingo scratch card winners cash in six-figure wins having spent a matter of pennies to play. Think of an online scratch card like a video slot – it’s a chance to land that life-changing jackpot without having to invest too much of your bingo bankroll.

The best bingo scratch cards in 2019 are those based around popular TV shows, and movie franchises, giving you a chance to play in familiar and enjoyable surroundings.


What is the difference between online scratch cards and regular scratch cards?

If you want simple and efficient scratch card gameplay, online scratch cards offer far more flexibility than a regular paper-based scratch card. With heaps of instant cash prizes up for grabs to win on our online scratch cards, if you do happen to get lucky and match the winning symbols, you will receive the jackpot directly into your Paddy Power Bingo account immediately. There’s no need to go to your nearest Paddy Power bookmaker to cash in your winnings like you would with a paper-based scratch card.


How to play bingo scratch cards

There are many reasons why bingo scratch cards are considered one of the most popular forms of online gambling. The main benefit is their accessibility. All you have to do is log in to your Paddy Power Bingo account, and pick your favourite scratchcard from the available games. Hover over your scratch game of choice and click ‘Play Now’ to load up the game on your desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Once the game is loaded, you simply agree to pay the amount to play the bingo scratch card and start the game. You will be required to scratch off all the squares on your card to reveal the hidden symbols beneath. Check with the prize board to see which symbols you need to match and how many to discover if you have won a corresponding cash prize.


Bingo scratch cards tips and rules

Rule number one – always make sure you put a limit on the amount you are prepared to stake to win a bingo scratch card prize. Keeping within a playing budget is just as important when you play online scratch-off games as it is playing blackjack or roulette. A budget keeps things fun and ensures that you don’t spend beyond your means.

As with all other online bingo rooms in the UK and Ireland, Paddy Power Bingo operates strict age restrictions on all its gameplay. Players must be 18 years and over in order to sign up and play bingo scratch cards.

As most of our scratch card bingo fans would testify, scratch-offs are meant to be entertaining. So, if you really want to get the best bang for your buck, choose a scratch card based on a theme you enjoy, such as a favourite film or television programme to get you in the mood.


What do the letters above the numbers mean?

In some instances, regular scratch cards will display letters above the hidden symbols or numbers revealed on your ticket. Typically, if your card displays a letter ‘X’ this means it is a losing ticket, while tickets that win £15, for example, will often display the letters ‘F T N’ to denote a winning card.

This is less commonplace on online bingo scratch cards, which is probably for the best as these letters can actually spoil the fun of knowing whether you’ve won or not midway through your scratch-off!


What are the odds of winning a scratch card?

Regular paper scratch cards are legally required to state the percentage chance of a player’s ticket being a winner. Whether it’s one-in-four or one-in-five, it helps to set expectations that you won’t always be a winner. Fortunately, bingo scratch cards are also required to display the likelihood of players winning. The odds of winning a bingo scratch game are displayed in a return to player (RTP) percentage. The higher the percentage, the greater the likelihood of a player seeing some kind of return from the game.

Let’s say for example that a scratch card bingo game was listed with an RTP of 95%. For every £100 wagered on this scratch-off game, you would statistically expect to receive £95 back.


Scratch card bonuses and offers

The welcome bonus at Paddy Power Bingo encourages you to play our leading bingo scratch cards to trigger the sign-up offer. Make sure to check out our Bingo Promotions Lobby and pick the offer that best suits you!


Winning at bingo scratch cards

One of the beauties of discovering how to play bingo scratch cards is that there is no right or wrong way. You have very little say over the outcome of the game, which makes it even more exciting when the hidden symbols are revealed. The chances of you winning are purely down to probability and fate. There are very few ways of online gambling that offer quite the same levels of instant gratification as a bingo scratch off.

Although the odds of winning are by no means in your favour, they still offer a better chance of winning than playing the roulette table or even in one of our busy bingo rooms.  


How do you know if you have a winning card?

The vast majority of popular bingo scratch games will have an in-built mechanism for alerting you to a winning card. Most scratch-off games will have a pay table that is clearly visible on-screen to the side of the game board, listing the cash prizes on offer for revealing a specified number of matching symbols either on a line or on the entire board.

Some of the newest, state-of-the-art scratch card bingo titles will have a mechanism that displays a pop-up window or graphic confirming your win and the size of your prize.


How to increase your chances of winning

As we’ve already said, it’s not that easy to increase your chances of winning a bingo scratch card. There is a huge element of chance involved in whether your card is a winner, with very little skill required to become one of the many bingo scratch card winners on our site.

However, if you want to play savvy, the best way to increase the probability of landing a winning scratch-off is to select a title with the highest RTP ratio. Remember – the higher the RTP out of 100, the higher your chances of winning. Most scratch games will have an RTP in the low-to-mid 90’s.


Scratch cards predictability

You would be forgiven for thinking that an online bingo scratch game must be somewhat boring and predictable if it has an in-built theoretical RTP ratio. But you couldn’t be more wrong. This RTP percentage is by no means a guarantee, but more of a guide as to how often you should expect to win playing a scratch-off.

This means that playing a bingo scratchcard is still one of the most adrenaline-fuelled forms of gaming at Paddy Power Bingo. With no way to determine if your card is a winner until all of the symbols are revealed, it’s one of the few casino game types to have maintained its mystery and intrigue.


How likely are you to win at scratch cards?

On the whole, playing online scratchcard games at an online bingo room like Paddy Power is one of the best ways to try and win. Of course, the odds are not in your favour, but they do at least give you a competitive chance of revealing the winning symbols and bagging an exciting cash prize.

As the cash prizes get higher, the rarer it is that you will land the corresponding symbols on your scratch cards. As long as you go into your bingo scratchcard gaming sessions with your eyes wide open, you will have a great time playing at Paddy Power Bingo.


Real money bingo scratch cards

With more than a dozen bingo scratch card jackpots up for grabs, you can play for real money at Paddy Power Bingo. Available 24/7 online and via the Paddy Power Bingo app for Android or iOS app, you can play your favourite scratch offs day or night. They are the perfect way to pass the time until your next scheduled bingo game, where you can play for even more lucrative progressive jackpots and guaranteed prizes.

If you want to try and bag a rare progressive jackpot while playing a bingo scratch game, keep your eyes peeled in our ‘Games’ section for scratch games featuring a rolling jackpot. Several of our scratch offs are part of the same pooled progressive jackpot, with a small percentage of all your wagers going towards this life-changing six-figure sum!

With a bucketload of ways to manage your bingo scratchcard funds, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, as well as tried and trusted security of your hard-earned money and sensitive details, there is no excuse not to get started on your online scratchcard journey with Paddy Power Bingo today.

Bingo Scratch Cards FAQ


Although we’re a little bit biased, we firmly believe that playing bingo scratch cards are the best way to get your scratch card fix. As Paddy Power Bingo is available on desktop, smartphone and tablet devices, you can play your favourite bingo scratch card anywhere you like. Whether it’s on the early morning commute, on the sofa at home or on your sun lounger on holiday, you can find state-of-the-art online scratch cards to play 24/7 with Paddy Power Bingo.

Better still, if you are fortunate enough to find a winning bingo scratch game, you can immediately withdraw the winnings to your preferred bank account or e-wallet at the touch a button!


Yes, scratch-off tickets are considered a form of online gambling. That’s because you are spending a fixed amount of your bankroll on playing the scratch card, with no guarantees of winning a cash prize. Most bingo scratch cards are designed with an in-built winning percentage as part of their algorithm, but we’ll go into this in greater detail shortly.


If you are unsure of how to play bingo scratch cards, it’s important to be aware that all squares on your card will need to be scratched to reveal the hidden symbols within each square. If you don’t scratch off all the squares on your card, you might miss out on revealing a hidden symbol that could generate one of several winning combinations listed via the on-screen pay table.