75-Ball Bingo

A Guide to 75-Ball Bingo Online

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In the world of online bingo, there are two main variants: 90-ball and 75-ball. In the UK, the former is classed as the “traditional” format, while the latter is a more recent addition to the gaming scene. In fact, 75-ball bingo only really found its way across from the US to Europe thanks to the internet. However, now it’s made the journey, 75-ball is seen as one of the bingo industry’s “big two”.

Inside Paddy Power Bingo, you’ll find a daily dose of games with varied themes, buy-ins and prize pools. Whether it’s a low-stakes Diamond Room session or a Deal or No Deal 75-ball Bingo, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this high-octane variant. What’s more, when you compare bingo live 75 to its online counterpart, you’ll see that the latter has a lot more to offer in terms of extras. From bonuses to social gaming options, online 75-ball bingo here at Paddy Power is a complete entertainment experience.

What are the Differences Between 90-Ball Bingo and 75-Ball Bingo?

Whether you call it “bingo live 75”, “75-ball bingo” or something else, the basic format remains the same. In other words, there are 75 numbered balls in play. Even as this point, you can see how this format differs from 90-ball bingo(hint: the clue is in the name). However, as you delve further into 75-ball bingo rules, you’ll see that there are some additional differences.

For example, bingo live 75 was a term initially coined in the US, where this game originates. Beyond that, the pace of 75-ball bingo online is slightly slower than its 90-ball counterpart. What’s more, players have to complete a single pattern (no lines, two lines, full house etc) to win. Naturally, this also means there’s only one prize up for grabs.

Finally, the layout of a 75-ball bingo card is slightly different. Instead of a standard numbered grid, the card is divided into sections, each marked by one of the following letters: B-I-N-G-O.

Numbers in 75-Ball Bingo

Unsurprisingly, numbers run from one to 75 in every game of 75-ball bingo.

Number of Rows in 75-Ball Bingo Games

As we’ve said, whether it’s online or bingo live 75-ball, the game card is divided into grids. Specifically, these grids have a 5X5 structure that features five rows and five columns.

75-Ball Bingo Game Columns

Within the 5X5 structure of a 75-ball bingo card, each column features a letter. These letters are designed to speed up the marking process. For example, if you’re playing bingo live 75 and you hear the call say “legs 11, number 11”, you’ll know to look down the B column. Why? Because each column has a specific range of bingo numbers.

Taking bingo numbers one to 75, this variant divides them up in the following way:

  • Numbers under the letter B range from one to 15.
  • Numbers under the letter I range from 16 to 30.
  • Numbers under the letter N range from 31 to 45.
  • Numbers under the letter G range from 46 to 60.
  • Numbers under the letter O range from 61 to 75.

By segmenting the numbers into columns, it makes it easier to keep track of the action. Of course, if you’re playing online bingo, our software takes care of the marking process. However, even if you’re not crossing off the numbers manually, it’s nice to see how things are flowing. In this respect, 75-ball online bingo is one of the best variants for novices to try.

75-Ball Bingo Games Strips

When you look at a bingo 75-ball card, the final thing to take note of is the free square. Located in the centre of the card, this square is filled with a star instead of a number. This feature means game strips contain 24 numbers and not 25 as you might expect. However, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you have less chance of winning. Everyone in the game has 24 numbers to work with, so your odds on a single game card are just as good as theirs.