Scientific Games

About Scientific Games

One of the few companies that’s been successful in all areas, Scientific Games (SG) has become a leading light on the European scene in recent years. Despite having its base in the US, SG made the leap across the Atlantic and now provides a combination of live gaming technology, online games, and sports betting software.

This ability to be all things to all players in all settings comes from SG’s history. As the product of a split between Autotote and United Tote, Scientific Games has a lineage that can be traced back to the racing sector. From this base, it’s expanded its interests and, now, SG is a major player in all areas of the industry. How has it managed this? Simple: acquisitions.

Today, Scientific Games has a network of subsidiaries that allow it to make all manner of games and betting products. From Bally Technologies and WMS Industries, to sports betting platforms like OpenBet, SG has its fingers in many pies. For you, that’s great news. As well as being able to develop products in all areas, each SG subsidiary draws inspiration and experience from its peers. The end result is a thriving network where crosspollination leads to world-class innovations.   

Reasons to Try Scientific Games Slots

  • One of the largest gaming and betting companies in the world.
  • Creator of original content as well as the owner of multiple big-name subsidiaries.
  • Creates products for all sectors, including online casinos, live casinos, and sports betting platforms.
  • Hundreds of games that feature industry-leading payouts and jackpots.
  • Licenced and regulated in multiple regions, including the US, UK, and Europe.

Game Features: What Makes Scientific Games Special?

The main reason Scientific Games stands tall within the industry is experience. In the online world, data and insights matter. In this regard, there are few gaming companies that can match SG. The reason for this goes back to its fingers being in many pies. Because SG can collect data from multiple sources, it’s able to get a much better understanding of what you guys want.

In turn, these insights inform everything the company does. From its security measures and business policies to what you see on the screen; everything is refined by SG’s industry experience. For the company, that’s great because it means every product stands a better chance of being a hit.

For you, it’s even better news because it means you’ll always have something to enjoy. Basically, it really doesn’t matter how experienced you are or the type of games you enjoy, this operator has products to suit. And, luckily for you, our partnership with SG means you can access all the top offerings via your desktop or mobile.

Popular Games Provided By Scientific Games

If you’re strolling through any of the world’s leading bricks-and-mortar casinos, SG technology will be present at every turn. Online, the presence of this developer is just as strong. Across the internet as a whole and, specifically, here at Paddy Power, you’ll get instant access to dozens of SG hits via your desktop and mobile.

Play Games Offered By Scientific Games For Real Money

For the newbies out there, you’ll be able to try dozens of original slots and table games from SG when you join Paddy Power. Those of you that are already members can benefit from our close relationship with this developer. As well as its existing library of games, we integrate the latest releases into our platform as soon as they become available. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you are or what stage you’re at in your career, we’ve got you covered with the help of Scientific Games!