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Online Roulette Explained

Roulette is a test of how well you can predict the spin of a wheel. Loved in live casinos and, since the early noughties, online, roulette is a game that anyone can play.

What is online roulette?

In simple terms, online roulette is a digital version of what you’d see in a bricks and mortar casino. Comprised of a numbered wheel and betting board, the aim of the game is to predict which number or group of numbers will hit.

Over the last two decades, online roulette variants like 20p Roulette have become so popular that new innovations have popped up. From quickfire games such as Mini Roulette to creative offerings like Money Back Roulette where rebates are possible, the game is now more varied than ever.

What are the rules of roulette?

The rules for roulette online are simple. To start, you need to place a suitably sized bet on at least one section of the board. This can be an outside bet encompassing a range of numbers such as Red or Black. Alternatively, you can choose to be more specific and make an inside bet on specific numbers.

These general rules run through every game of online roulette. However, as you start to play Money Back Roulette and other exotic options, there may be some additional rules you need to be aware of.

What number hits most in roulette?

In reality, no single number or group of numbers occur more frequently than any other. When you play Premium Roulette and other online variants here at Paddy Power Bingo, everything is 100% fair. This means every number has the same chance of hitting on every spin.

What is the best bet in roulette?

Some of the best online roulette bets are located on the outside of the board. For example, Premium Roulette online allows you to cover a third of the board with a single bet. These bets are great, especially if you’re a novice, because they allow you to cover 12 numbers and not break the bank on a single spin.

Online Roulette Games

Here at Paddy Power Bingo, we’ve got some of the best online roulette variants available.

Premium Roulette: As its name suggests, Premium Roulette contains Playtech’s best software. From one-touch betting and table limits of 2,000+ credits, these Paddy Power branded tables are perfect for serious players.

20p Roulette: One for the novices, online 20p Roulette is an affordable way to enjoy the game. As well as betting limits of 0.20 credits, the simplified layout makes it easy for you to follow the action as you make use of this game’s 97.30% RTP.

Money Back Roulette: Almost unique to Paddy Power, Money Back Roulette allows you to offset back luck with a rebate. Each time the roulette ball stops on zero and you haven’t covered it, you’ll receive 50% of your stake back. This dynamic means you’ll enjoy a 98.65% RTP when you play Money Back Roulette online.  

Play Online Roulette Games For Real Money

Here at Paddy Power Bingo, we not only let you play roulette online for free but real money. Each of our top picks feature betting limits designed for all pockets, which means everyone can spin and win at a price that suits.