Best Bingo Sites - How to compare the Best Bingo Sites

How to compare the best bingo sites

How can you be a winner at bingo before even playing a game? By comparing and choosing the best bingo sites UK or Ireland, you’ve already made a notch on your belt; we explain why in this detailed guide. Besides showing you how pro players decide which bingo sites to trust with their hard-earned money, we also share some tips on how you can kick off your experience with online bingo sites like Paddy Power Bingo in the best way possible.


Free cash, bonus offers, secure play: everything you need to know about playing at top bingo sites can be found in this guide. But first, we promised that by following our detailed instructions, you could be a winner before purchasing your first bingo card.


How is that possible? We think (and pros will agree!) that choosing which bingo site to play at is critical to your early and future success as a bingo player — especially if you live in the UK or Ireland, where there dozens of new bingo sites sprout up each month.


We know that it can be incredibly tough and frustrating to pick out the best bingo sites to win on; we’ve listened to countless people complain online how sites may omit essential information, provide unclear sign-up or banking instructions, or include sketchy-looking or unreliable certificates that put their legitimacy in question.


Would you trust a few hundred — or even just ten quid — with operators like these?


We didn’t think so.


So, to save you from unnecessary headaches and disappointment, we’re showing you how to hunt down the best online bingo sites based on UK & Ireland player reviews and recommendations, how to spot promising new contenders; as well as share other knowledge to help you play at top 10 bingo sites. Finding good bingo sites will never be a shot in the dark again because in this article you have all the information you need to find all bingo sites worth considering.


And why should all this make you feel like a winner? Simply because you’re one step closer to the one thing EVERY player wants for the bingo experience: a safe and secure website backed up with a solid support team, a supportive player community, and a vast selection of games. We’ve done all the hard work already; your job is to step up and grab the prize like a champ!


But how do you go about finding the best bingo website in 2020? It’s no secret that the popularity of online bingo has grown exponentially in recent years, and many large brands like Paddy Power have set up dedicated websites featuring online bingo rooms alongside their casino and sports betting products. Whereas bingo sites used to target primarily female users (and many still do), nowadays operators tend to take a more inclusive approach that emphasises the unique sense of community found in bingo rooms.


Also not a secret are the criteria you should use to compare the best bingo sites, including new UK & Ireland bingo sites, which are all featured in this guide. We examined and compared several factors, including welcome bonuses and promotional offers, as well as site safety, game selection, support, and community.

Best bingo sites, bonuses and offers - What's the best way to compare them?

The first thing you want to look out for when comparing bingo sites is whether they offer a generous welcome offer with reasonable terms and conditions. Every new player who signs up for an account at the bingo sites in this guide can claim a bonus which usually involves getting some free credit when you make your first real money deposit.


We paid particular attention to those sites that offer no-deposit bonuses, meaning you get to lay your hands on extra cash without having to spend anything first. However, you won’t be able to cash out any of your winnings until you’ve made a deposit and fulfilled the wagering requirements.


Deposit bonuses work by matching a percentage of the money you put into your account up to a certain amount. A 100% match bonus will double the cash you deposit in your account, so if you deposit £20, you’ll earn another £20 in free credit for a total of £40 in your bankroll. Be sure to read the bonus instructions carefully as to be eligible to claim this offer you must first deposit the minimum amount required, usually five or ten quid.


Many companies have started offering bingo-only bonuses with promotions that are tailored to particular bingo games. These types of offers work precisely the same as described above, but your free credit may be valid on specific games only. If you’re a dedicated bingo player and you don’t see yourself playing anything else on a gaming website, then this type of promotion should be ideal for you.


Okay, so the welcome bonus is excellent and all that, but what happens after you become a signed-up member?


Ask yourself the same question while testing and comparing bingo websites; you’ll quickly begin noticing that while individual operators keep showering their members with regular promotions, tournaments, loyalty prizes, and other exciting offers, others tend to leave players to their own devices. Naturally, you would give high points to those in the former category and include them in your shortlist of best online bingo sites in UK & IE.

Other considerations: safety, game selection, community

A thorough comparison of bingo sites must be more than skin-deep. Checking under the hood of your favourite operators means considering less apparent factors such as licences and certificates, customer security, the number and diversity of games available in the lobby, usability on mobile devices, as well as how active the bingo community is on a particular website.


Sites like Paddy Power Bingo are licensed and regulated by authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Operators with licences from these jurisdictions guarantee the highest level of regulatory compliance, which translates into a better and safer environment for players.


Another thing to consider is player security, including any safeguards and encryption techniques used by bingo websites to protect customer data. Top bingo sites store this information on secure servers guarded by network firewalls to minimise the risk of identity theft, fraud, and other online threats.


One more link in the security chain has to do with the payment options offered in the cashier. The major brands work with well-known providers such as Visa and MasterCard to verify your card details and process money transactions quickly and efficiently. Finally, the site’s support team should be able to assist you with all your queries about banking and anything else; the best bingo sites have support agents available 24/7 through live chat, email, and landline.


Next, we turn to examine game selection and see how important it is to ensure an extended and pleasant stay at any of the top bingo sites. The most obvious thing to consider is the number of bingo rooms and games available. Bingo rooms are generally assigned names and can have different jackpots and game rules associated with them, such as time limits and other conditions. Meanwhile, bingo games also come in all sorts and that — the variety of games — is equally as important as the number of titles offered on a website.


The most popular bingo game type is arguably the traditional 90-ball played in the UK & Ireland; however, you’ll find other variants that use 75 or 80 balls which are more prevalent in the US. But the best thing about playing online bingo games is that you get to experience a few quirky yet delightful hybrids that fuse the usual bingo gameplay with quizzes, reel spins, and other mini-games. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something like this at your local bingo hall!


We’ll delve deeper into the differences between bingo rooms and games further on in this guide. Many will surely agree that no online bingo room or game can be complete if it doesn’t replicate the spirit of camaraderie that exists among the players; thankfully, websites like Paddy Power, which already command a substantial following among UK and Irish players, can attract a sizeable community of bingo lovers who take their passion, and banter, online through real-time chat, while the numbers are called.

Types of bingo rooms

A detailed comparison of the best bingo sites has to go through various levels in order to arrive at an objective conclusion about which site excels in each of the main considerations we listed previously, and whether it fits your gaming style.


Online bingo is a very versatile game as its simple set of rules allow a great deal of latitude for developers to present the familiar gameplay under new and exciting guises. A quick look at the Paddy Power bingo portal, for example, illustrates clearly how that’s possible and why playing at a top 10 bingo site involves more than dabbing cards with your virtual pen.


To start things off, you’ll notice that a user-friendly bingo lobby sorts out the titles available in various helpful categories, such as most popular, trending, new, jackpot games, or slingo bingo. Paddy Power gets this just right with an intuitive layout that looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.


The majority of bingo games play very much in the same way: players must purchase one or more cards or tickets which contain a grid featuring rows and grids filled with numbers. A strip is a group of tickets which can be bought together. The cost of each ticket and the total amount is clearly shown on the screen; you’ll have to make your purchase to take part in the game.


The main differences between bingo games is the price of a ticket and the size of the jackpot. A new round begins every few minutes and this is clearly shown in the lobby thanks to a timer near each game which counts down the start of the next game.


Another thing which sets apart certain bingo games from the rest is whether the game is inspired from existing content or not. Bingo rooms at Paddy Power are clearly influenced by TV shows or popular video slot games which can be played in the casino section.


An example of the first type is Deal or No Deal, which uses the same tickets and strips in conventional 90-ball bingo and features a daily jackpot of at least £10,000. There are four prizes to be won in each game, as well as a special game which uses the familiar boxes from the TV game show including a Player Box and other boxes which reveal a hidden prize when bingo balls matching the numbers on the boxes are drawn.


The second type of bingo games are directly inspired from casino slots. Age of Gods bingo  is a 90-ball bingo variant with a special “Arena of the Gods” post-game feature, which is triggered at the end of a round and offers four different prizes that can be shared between the Full House winner and the rest of the Community.


A similar bingo variant is the Rainbow Riches Bingo game, which uses tickets consisting of 2 four leaf clovers, with a number on each section of the clover leaf. The game offers a range of standard prizes, as well as a fixed jackpot and a Wishing Well collection prize featuring the iconic leprechaun from the original slot that will guide players to hidden riches.

Top tips for playing and winning bingo online

You’re well on your way to finding the best bingo site for you! In fact, you can go looking for one right now; armed with all the knowledge you obtained from the guide so far, you can carry out an independent and effective comparison of new bingo sites and top bingo sites with players in the UK and Ireland.


Stick around for a little while longer, though, and we’ll show you how to make the best out of your membership by adopting smarter strategies for managing your online bingo bankroll and gameplay.


Bingo is primarily a game of chance, and there’s no reliable way to change your odds and influence your chances of winning. However, there are a number of related things you can do to stretch the value of each pound, spread the odds over a larger number of cards, and play games which offer side-prizes that reward you even if you don’t win the main game.


The most important skill to learn is how to manage your bankroll responsibly. It’s a good idea to set yourself a few ground rules to help you control how much money you spend playing bingo each day, week, or month. Be sure to keep your limits somewhere visible, so that you can easily track and compare your current expenditure and know when it’s time to call it a day.


An excellent strategy to control the amount of money you spend on bingo is to shop around and find bing rooms where the entry fee to purchase cards is equivalent to a certain percentage of your daily bankroll. For example, if you give yourself a limit of £20 to spend on bingo today, then try not to pay more than £2 to enter a bingo game. Luckily, on Paddy Power Bingo, games start from just 2p, which means you can buy up to 100 cards with only two quid!


Talking about buying reams of cards: you can throw the odds in your favour by purchasing multiple cards at one go instead of buying one card at a time. Be careful though, because you’re bound to exceed your daily limit more quickly this way, even though you’ll increase the chances of emerging a winner.


On a similar note, you can also throw the odds by avoiding crowded rooms and playing at non-peak hours. The Paddy Power Bingo lobby lets you see at a glance how many players are playing in a given bingo room at any time, so it’s straightforward to find a room with less competition, buy a bunch of cards, and give yourself a mathematical advantage during play.


Another thing is to distinguish between bingo games that offer prizes based on completed lines or a house prize. Your chances of winning will vary considerably between either type of game. It’s also worth checking out if a game comes with quiz rounds, reel spins, and other in-game entertainment that could earn you extra cash.


Although there isn’t a method which guarantees a win at bingo, there are a couple of popular strategies you might want to try out while playing.


The first strategy is Granville’s theory, which is also widely used among stockbrokers, and uses a few basic rules to increase your chances of winning. When purchasing a bingo card, check that it has an equal number of high and low numbers, an equal number of even and odd numbers, and an equal number of numbers that end with the digits 1 through 9. According to the theory, you stand a better chance of winning if you have a card that fulfils all these criteria.


The second approach is Tippett’s bingo strategy, which states that the longer a bingo game lasts, then the greater the likelihood that numbers closer to the middle will be called. Therefore, the strategy suggests that when playing short games you should pick bingo cards with numbers closer to both extremes (1 and 90), whereas for longer games you should pick cards with numbers closer to 45.


Ultimately, the best bit of advice we could give you to play better online bingo is to socialise with your fellow players and make every round a memorable and pleasant experience for yourself and the rest of the community.

Staying up to date and checking new sites for offers

Before concluding our guide on how to compare the best online bingo sites, we think it would be a good idea to go over the main takeaway ideas before letting you off on your merry journey to find the top bingo sites in UK and Ireland.


  1. Check whether a site is licensed by a reputable jurisdiction and has any certificates related to customer security and safe gambling..
  2. Find a list of payment providers supported on the platform and read about withdrawal limits, timeframes and transfer fees that might be involved.
  3. Take a look at the customer support options available and see whether there are specific opening hours or the team can be reached all day long. Also note whether you may contact a support agent via email, live chat, and landline.
  4. Head over to the Promotions tab and see what kind of welcome bonus the operator offers. Check whether there’s a dedicated promotion for bingo players too!
  5. Does the site offer regular tournaments, competitions and other events? Is there a loyalty scheme for players? These features ensure your stay at a particular website remains a pleasant one for as long as you remain a member.
  6. The range of games available, both in terms of number and diversity of titles, is an essential thing to consider, especially if you’re a demanding player or tend to get bored very quickly after playing one game. After all, variety is the spice of life!
  7. What’s the bingo community like on a particular website? Read reviews from other players and compare impressions to find the online bingo site that fits you best.


Those seven points sum up all the important things you should know about when searching and comparing established or new bingo sites. It might seem like a difficult task at first, but if you approach it patiently and systematically, you’ll eventually find which brand or brands are worth investing time and money into.


An additional factor to keep in mind is whether the bingo site is part of a larger platform of gaming products, such as casinos, sports betting, live games, etc., or a standalone website that focuses exclusively on bingo games. The former type of websites, for example, Paddy Power, give players a significantly broader range of online games to choose from and offer more entertainment value with a single account.


Of course, once you’ve compared the best sites and signed up at your chosen one, you may choose to live happily ever after playing at a single operator’s. We’ve included a few of our top strategies and advice in this guide to make your bingo gameplay more enjoyable and improve your skills. However, things change very quickly online, so we recommend keeping an eye out for the latest site offers, promotions, games, and even new bingo sites that pop up from time to time.


One of the easiest ways to stay up-to-date is to sign up for the newsletter sent out by your bingo operator to its customers. This guarantees that you’ll be among the first to know when a new game has been introduced in the lobby or a new bonus is about to drop. Early-bird sign-ups to tournaments and similar competitions also get a chance to earn extra perks, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on some free goodies.


Comparing the best bingo sites in the UK and in Ireland can be an easy and enjoyable experience that acquaints you with all the fantastic offerings that are available out there. This article gives you all the knowledge and tools you need to carry out the research necessary yourself and find the best bingo sites for you.

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Why should you play at bingo websites?

Playing bingo online is safe, fast, and more convenient than visiting a real bingo hall as you can buy a ticket and join in the bingo fun from anywhere in the world on a mobile device. There's a larger variety of games available online and players can feel like part of a community thanks to the chat function.


How do you start playing bingo online?

Anyone can start playing bingo on the internet by signing up for a free account at their favourite casino website, transferring some money to their account, and purchasing one or more bingo cards to join any of the hundreds of rooms available online.


What should you look out for to find the best bingo sites?

The best bingo sites for UK and Irish players offer a large variety of games and payment options, top-quality customer service, promotions, as well as take player safety and responsible gaming seriously.


Is there a welcome offer when signing up to a casino that offers bingo?

New players signing up for an account may be eligible to claim a bonus when making their first real money deposit and earn free credit which can be spent on bingo.


Which types of bingo games can I play online?

Almost all sites carry 90-ball, 75-ball and 80-ball bingo variants, as well as other bingo games inspired by films, TV shows, and adaptations of online slots.


How do I know if I should trust a particular bingo operator?

Trustworthy and reliable bingo websites are licensed and regulated by authorities based in reputable remote gaming jurisdictions such as the UK Gaming Commission.