How to Play Bingo

How To Play Bingo

Bingo is a well-known game of chance played across the world, from church halls to online casinos. The chance-based game is not only fun, but it also provides a social opportunity where players can make new friends and catch up with old ones. Traditionally, the game features low ticket prices, providing great value. The best way to experience this game is to play it first hand, but before you do, it's a good idea to learn how bingo is played.

Steps to Play Bingo

You can play bingo in just three easy steps:

  1. Join a room
  2. Buy bingo tickets
  3. Mark off called numbers

At its most basic, this numbers game is very simple. Each player gets one or more cards with numbers placed onto a grid. A host randomly picks up balls with a number printed on it and calls this number out to the eager players. All cards featuring this number are marked, and the process is repeated again and again. The game ends when a player successfully marks an entire row or column on the card, and, traditionally, shouts out, "Bingo!".

Since this game has been around in some form or another for centuries, it has evolved several times. Today, thanks, in part, to online casinos, you will find numerous variants of the game. From being able to place side bets to unlocking exclusive features and chat rooms, the world of bingo has been completely transformed.

What type of Bingo should I play?

With a basic understanding of the classic game, it's a good time to learn the rules of popular bingo variants. The best online bingo casinos feature several or all of these options, giving you an opportunity to experience several twists and surprises.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo

Staying close to the roots of the game, 90-ball bingo features cards with a 9x3 grid of numbers. With 15 numbers ranging from 1 through to 90 on the card, the ultimate goal is to get the full house, making all the numbers off. Smaller prizes can also be won for completing entire lines.

How to Play 80-Ball Bingo

Known as Coverall Bingo, this variant of the game is played with cards featuring a 4x4 grid. As its name suggests, possible numbers range from 1 through to 80, and each card can hold up to 16 numbers. Unlike 90-ball bingo, this variant normally features a single prize which is awarded to the first player who marks off all the numbers.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo

The second-most popular variant following 90-ball, 75-ball bingo is sometimes referred to as Pattern Bingo. It features a 5x5 grid and numbers ranging from 1 through to 75. Winning involves completing a predetermined pattern, normally a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.

How to Play 30-Ball Bingo

Known as Speedy Bingo, this variant is growing in popularity, particularly amongst mobile players. It features a simple, 3x3 grid with nine numbers. In order to win the game's single prize, you must be the first player to mark off all nine numbers.

How to Play Special Bingo

The best online casinos have introduced bingo specials which are themselves a variant of a variant. The best way to understand how bingo is played in such games is to read the rules of the game. You can find these from the game's control panel, and in certain cases, you might also be able to ask the host directly.

Buying Bingo Tickets

In order to start playing bingo online, you must first choose your room. The best online bingo operators provide rooms throughout most of the day for your convenience. Pick your variant and decide how many tickets you wish to purchase. Although in some cases you will be able to choose the individual numbers yourself, it is normally faster and easier to leave it up to the bingo number generator.

During the Game

Each room features a time whereby the doors are virtually closed and the game begins. You will not be allowed to purchase any more tickets once the game has started. In the virtual environment, the game can proceed in several ways, and whilst some feature a live host, others are powered by a computer. In any case, one of the advantages of playing online bingo is that if you happen to miss a number, your performance is not compromised.

When playing online bingo, your cards are automatically marked by the computer, so you needn't worry about being distracted or misunderstanding the host. You can disable this feature in certain cases, but it's not recommended.

This feature is particularly helpful if you plan to purchase multiple tickets in a single game. Keeping track of all the numbers and all the tickets at the same time can be confusing, but with online bingo, this is no longer an issue.

Top Tips for Playing Bingo

Like any player, you are likely interested to learn how to improve your odds of winning online bingo games. As with most other casino games, bingo is completely random and based purely on luck. This fact is confirmed by independent test labs which need to carry out periodic audits in order for casinos to obtain and maintain their operating licenses. As a result, there is no strategy that can guarantee a bingo win. Nevertheless, there are some bingo tips which you should keep in mind.

Choose the Best Time and Room

Most bingo rooms feature a static prize which does not change depending on the number of players. As a result, you can improve your odds of being the first to mark off your card by joining rooms with fewer players. Pick times and days when rooms are less crowded, such as weekdays and early morning.

Don't Limit Yourself to One Card

Apart from choosing the right time and room to play in, you should buy a reasonable number of tickets. Having just one bingo ticket could severely limit your winning potential. With multiple cards your chances of winning increase, since you are more likely to be the first to complete a pattern. In most cases, bingo ticket prices are very low, making it quite possible to buy five or more tickets at a go.

Familiarise Yourself with the Game

Before playing with real money you should try the game for free. Doing this will give you a better understanding of how bingo is played. When playing with real money, ensure that you are aware of the prizes on offer. Check out the conditions to win, since these may vary from one room or game to another. If you have any doubts or questions, you can read the game's rules, speak to the host or get in touch with customer care.

Make New Friends

For many players, winning at bingo does not necessarily mean receiving a prize. The social game is especially popular because it gives players an opportunity to chat amongst themselves and meet new people. As a bingo player, you too should join the fun by participating in the room's or casino's chat room. Not only is it a great way to make new friends, but the chat room also sometimes features special bonuses or competitions not advertised elsewhere.

Know Your Limits

Even if you don't win at bingo, it is important that you keep playing fun. In order to do this, you should determine how much you plan to spend on a particular session and ensure that you do not go over this amount. Have a look at the ticket prices in various rooms, and decide how many different rooms you will join. You should also establish how many tickets you can afford to buy in each room. Once you have exhausted your funds, simply leave. If you happen to win any of the prizes, decide whether you will use them to buy new tickets or whether you will withdraw them. In any case, treat any winnings as a bonus of having fun.

Bingo Bonuses & Promotions

As a bingo player, you should always keep an eye out for dedicated bingo bonuses. These rewards can boost your bankroll and allow you to buy more tickets or play in a greater number of rooms. Whilst exact bonuses vary, the most common ones are:

●     No Deposit Bonus - This is a significantly popular bonus since it rewards you for simply registering a new account. The no deposit bonus lets you experience the fun of bingo for free, and you will be able to re-use any winnings in other games.

●     Deposit Bonus - Normally greater and more valuable than the no deposit bonus, the deposit bonus could simply beef up your original bankroll with bonus cash or could also reward you with a special gift, such as free slot spins. There is normally a minimum deposit amount required in order to receive this bonus, and it's not unusual for the bonus to instantly double your funds.

●     Ongoing Promotion - In order to keep existing players loyal, online casinos provide ongoing rewards and bonuses, including match deposit offers and free spins. Moreover, you can look forward to invitations to special or VIP bingo rooms when you fulfil certain conditions.

You can normally find bingo bonuses in the casino's promotions page, although sometimes these offers are so exclusive that they are only featured on the players' chat rooms. It is important that you read and understand the terms of such offers in order to avoid disappointment. In most cases, for example, you will be required to comply with wagering requirements before withdrawing any winnings.

Watch Out for Bingo Progressive Jackpots

Some bingo rooms connect players across the world and feature exciting progressive jackpots. The rules to winning these mega prizes vary, but you will normally need to get a full house within a certain number of draws. Winning a bingo progressive jackpot is difficult, but adds an extra thrill which is sometimes worth paying a little extra for.

Bingo Jargon

Many casino games feature their own particular dictionary of words and phrases, but none are as well-known and varied as bingo's jargon. Although you can still enjoy online bingo without knowing any of these code words, understanding and using them enhances your experience. It also shows other players that you are a seasoned player.

●     1TG - One to go

●     Goodbye Teens - Number 19

●     Kelly's Eye - Number 1

●     Life Beings - Number 40

●     Overweight - Number 28

●     ROFL - Roll on the floor laughing

●     Snakes Alive - Number 55

●     Stairway To Heaven - Number 67

●     SYS - See you soon

●     Time For Tea - Number 83

●     Unlucky For Some - Number 13

●     WDW - Well done winner

●     YW - You're welcome

Choosing the Best Online Bingo Site

With a good understanding of how to play bingo, it's time to register an account. There are hundreds of websites offering bingo games, but not all online casinos are equal. In order to stay safe and protect your money, you should choose a bingo site which is regulated and reputable. Several countries specialise in regulating online bingo sites, including the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission. Some of the very best online sites have operating licenses from multiple jurisdictions.

Bingo Payment Methods

Another important feature to look out for is payment methods. Playing bingo with real money requires you to deposit funds in one of the ways supported by the casino. You should choose operators which accept payments in multiple ways, such as cards, eWallets, and payment vouchers. In this way, you will likely already have a supported payment method. In addition to deposit methods, ensure that the casino supports a similar list of withdrawal methods.

Bingo Reviews and Support

One of the ways in which you can determine whether an operator is reputable or not is by reading what other players have to say. Reading bingo reviews will give you an indication of whether an online casino treats its players well or if it's best to stay away. Very often, online casinos which have a terrible track record of customer service end up losing their operating licenses or go bankrupt.

Whilst welcome bonuses and rewards are a great way to attract new players, a casino's ability to keep them loyal is normally down to service. The best online bingo sites provide stellar customer support via multiple convenient options. By choosing such operators you can rest assured that any issue or query will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

Game Selection

Playing online bingo is great fun, but sometimes it's equally fun to play different games. The best online bingo sites offer a casino section featuring video slots, table games, and sometimes, live casino games. Joining such a site over one which is strictly just online bingo gives you the advantage of maintaining a single account whilst having access to a great variety of entertaining games and rewards. Such online bingo and casino sites normally combine a player's wagers, whether on casino games or in bingo rooms. This gives you an opportunity to receive better offers and VIP Club membership.

Also, you can have a lot of fun by trying out the latest games like slingo bingo games.

Playing Online Bingo at Paddy Power

Paddy Power Bingo is a full suite bingo provider offering numerous rooms and prizes to suit all players. With games starting throughout the day, you will be able to join a variety of 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, and special rule rooms. Ticket prices start at only 0.01, and prize pools vary across rooms and throughout the week.

Playing bingo at Paddy Power gives you access to several exciting offers. Newbies are greeted with a dedicated room featuring free tickets with real prizes. Loyal players are rewarded with special prizes and Roomie of the Week awards. There are also ongoing promotions offering mega prize pools for you to participate in.

Paddy Power bingo is a regulated operator with licences from the MGA and UK Gambling Commission. Part of an experienced and reputable organisation, it offers players a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in which to play bingo and a host of other online casino games.

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At Paddy Power Bingo, you can choose from our variety of bingo games including 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 30-ball bingo and bingo specials.


In rare, but possible events, multiple winners can arise, even when there is a single prize. When such an occurrence takes place, the prize is split equally between the winners.